National Home Security Month

October is National Home Security Month (NHSM).  This was first launched in 2013 and since then has taken place in October every year.  NHSM offers support, information and advice on how to keep your property secure.

For each week there is a different theme designed to alert homeowners, and renters alike, to the common pitfalls in home security which can leave your property vulnerable to break-ins. Week 1 – Keep it Locked and is about door security, week 2 – Keep it Safe and focuses on indoor security, Week 3 – Keep it Monitored and the biggest deterrent being burglar alarm systems, week 4 – Keep it Smart and finally Week 5 – Keep it Protected and is full of tricks and tips.

There will be plenty of focus around alarm systems and easy precautions that homeowners can take against burglaries and other property crime, such as vandalism.  Homes that have no security precautions in place, which includes homes with locks that are easy to break being five times more likely to be burgled than homes that have just the most basic of measures in place; so the best place to start with your home security is the front door.  This year, week two covers that topic nicely, and what better way to add another level of security (and potentially save money on your insurance) than with an alarm system from an NSI Gold Standard supplier like us?

If you have valuable jewellery or keep cash in the house, then consider getting a safe which is bolted to the floor.  This will keep your valuables protected during a break in, as most burglaries are over in less than 10 minutes, to allow the thieves ample time to get out and away from the area.  Breaking into a safe takes a lot longer, and if the safe is hidden in a kitchen cupboard or built in wardrobe, it may never even be discovered in the first place.  If you have a safe, ensure your valuables are locked in it before going on holiday or out for the day, so that if the worst happens you still have your valuable items.  This is also a good precaution against fire – a fire proof safe will ensure your important documents and heirlooms are safe even if your house catches fire.

If you’re a new homeowner or you have moved house and haven’t gotten round to sorting your security out then make sure this October is the time you get things sorted.  The basics to get right first are:

  • Alarm system from an NSI approved supplier
  • Motion sensor security lighting for security and safety
  • Check windows and doors have working locks and upgrade any which are not up to modern standards
  • Consider CCTV or a video doorbell to act as a deterrent and also catch any crimes as they happen – evidence can make all the difference to securing a conviction or recovering your valuables
  • Looking at weak entry points in your garage, shed or garden which may provide an access route for burglars

We hope you have a safe October and continued success with your home security, but if you need an alarm system, CCTV or other security services, then why not contact P&R Alarms as we are a trusted firm with NSI Gold Standard accreditation and an excellent record of service.