Moving Your Security System With You

If you’re moving home and aren’t sure what to do about your security products, then allow us show you how easy it is to relocate and reconfigure a system for your new property.  We move systems for our customers all the time and it’s often a surprise to them how efficient it is to relocate an entire system, setting it up for a new layout and new property with a few tweaks rather than installing an entirely new system.

Obviously wireless systems are easier to relocate because there’s no need to strip out wiring and then put new cables into the new property (the distance between components is never the same from one property to the next, so new wiring is a must) but this is only a small factor when moving an intruder alarm and/or CCTV to a new property.  We would carry out a survey of your new property, looking at which areas need to be covered by motion sensors for lights, an alarm system and recording devices, and draw up a plan which provides a high standard of security.

We can then compare the requirements of your new property to the provision of your old system, and work out how best to redeploy the items you already have to minimise the costs of new parts.  This is a similar process to when we take on legacy systems, or add new features to systems we didn’t install.  We’ll always work with the highest standard of cover in mind, but we can discuss budgets and requirements with you to ensure you end up with a system you can afford than does the best job for the money.

If you’re moving to an area with a higher crime rate (or ideally, a lower one!) then we take this into account when advising on the security products you need.  It may be that you’ve gone from having on-street parking to a lockable garage, in which case you might not need that CCTV at the front of the property to protect your vehicle.  You may, however, benefit from extra locks on an internal garage door to tighten this overlooked method of access from outside into the main house.  If you’re moving from a house into a block of flats, you can benefit from the extra security of an access controlled front door and may not need an intruder alarm system of the same size, but a video doorbell may be an excellent way of protecting packages and deliveries, and of seeing who’s outside when you don’t have windows near your front door.

Sometimes a house move is a good time to upgrade an old security system for a newer one.  This is worth considering if your family circumstances have changed; having an elderly relative move in with your family may require different products to what you already have, while getting a pet can mean reconfiguring a system to avoid false triggers by enthusiastic cats.  If you’re selling your home, you may want to agree to leave the system for the new owners but equally they may prefer to start from scratch or move their own system in.  It’s wise to list whether the security system is included in the sale in the particulars, or inform prospective buyers that it can be negotiated as part of the sale.

If you’re not sure what to do, give us a call and we’ll discuss all your options over the phone and arrange the next steps with you.  We’re here to help anyone moving in the Midlands, whether you leave the system behind and we contact the new owners, whether you take some or all of the products to your new home, or even opt for a totally new system as an upgrade.