What monitored services provide for businesses

Any business that holds stock needs to keep it safe from theft and environmental damage. This can be easier said than done, however, as quite often warehouse or other storage facilities are located out of a town centre and in a location that is usually deserted overnight and at weekends. This lack of activity in these industrial areas is ideal for thieves, as they are less likely to be spotted and challenged, and it is even better for unscrupulous employees who may try to steal from you, as they have a semi-legitimate excuse to be there.

All warehouses and storage facilities should have an intruder alarm and CCTV as a bare minimum, but it is advisable to also have a monitored alarm service, as well as other deterrents such as security lighting, fog generators that can obscure the inside of the building if access is breached, as well as environmental detection such as fire and smoke alarms and flood monitoring. A monitoring centre becomes your ears and eyes on the ground when you are not physically present and they react in real time to the information coming from your system. The monitoring service we provide offers police and fire brigade response, meaning the emergency services will be on site before you’ve even got out of bed.

Obviously, stopping theft is the primary concern for warehouse owners, but the damage caused by a fire or flood can be just as catastrophic – you may still have all your stock, but if it’s water or smoke damaged it’s no longer sellable, so in terms of business it’s just as bad. Having a monitored fire and smoke alarm, along with a sprinkler system ensures a fire will not get out of hand, and the fire brigade will be on the scene as quickly as possible. Even if your warehouse is well fireproofed and doesn’t have any particularly dangerous chemicals or combustibles in, the buildings around you might not be as safe, and fire can spread very quickly. If your warehouse neighbours don’t have a monitored response fire alarm system it could be burning your building down before anyone is alerted, so it’s best to protect yourself as well as you can.

As well as the protection element, monitored intruder and fire alarm services can net you a discount on your insurance premiums, as you will be a lower risk to insure than someone who just has a padlock and not much else in the way of security. Business rates and insurance can affect your bottom line quite drastically, so you will be in a better financial position if you can lower this by reducing your insurance premiums.

You may be wondering how spending money on an alarm system actually saves you money on your insurance premium; after all, doesn’t the cost of an alarm system outweigh any savings you might make on your insurance? Well, the alarm is a one off purchase with a further monthly monitoring cost, but this can be written off as a business expense, therefore, saving you tax and reducing your bottom line again. That old saying about having to spend money to make money is absolutely true here.

At P&R Alarms we provide intruder alarm monitoring and fire alarm monitoring for businesses in the Midlands with police or fire brigade response – not all alarm companies can say that, as you have to pass some stringent standards to attain and keep this accreditation with the emergency services. We take our role as security specialists very seriously, which is why we have the highest levels of certification for the police response, fire response and NSI Gold standard accreditation. You’re in safe hands with us.