Monitored Response Fire Alarms

Everyone knows a working fire alarm is a vitally important bit of kit. Businesses and rented properties are required by law to have working, regularly serviced fire and smoke detection systems, with many of these having sprinkler systems installed as a first line of defence against fires. Domestic homes should also have working, regularly checked fire alarms, but we know that not every household is up to date on this, as we regularly see stories in the news about disastrous fires breaking out or being set deliberately. Some people disable their fire alarm while cooking, then forget to turn it back on again, and it is possible to return from holiday and never know that the battery has run out, if you’ve been away during the beeping period.

We also know that the sound of a fire alarm going off is only effective if someone is there to hear it – it’s the old “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise?” riddle all over again. In this case, we know that the alarm will still make a noise if there is no one there to hear it, but that’s just the point. If no one hears it, how will any action be taken?

One way of ensuring that someone is always listening to your fire alarm is to have a monitored service, where an independent monitoring centre is watching your system 24 hours a day. This means if a fire starts outside of business hours it will be detected and the fire brigade dispatched to deal with it. This service means you don’t arrive at work in the morning to find a burnt out, smoking shell where your business used to be; a pretty nasty shock indeed. For domestic customers, who may not want the extra expense of paying for a monitoring service if there is usually someone at home, a smart system with push notifications to your phone is ideal. We can supply and fit these systems for homes and business across the Midlands, and we are also able to fit wireless systems suitable for buildings where no drilling or laying of cables is permitted.

People often wonder about how the hard of hearing or profoundly deaf use a fire alarm, as they can’t hear it, so how do they know when it’s going off? There are movement and light based alarm systems which can be used for people with hearing difficulties, including vibrating pads that can be fitted under a mattress to ensure someone wakes up if they are sleeping through a fire, as well as very bright flashing lights that can be placed at various points around the home ensuring the person can always see if one of these is going off. The same technology can be used for intruder alarms, so there is always an accessible solution even for customers living with disabilities.

If you already have a decent fire alarm system but you want to add monitoring, or have the option of notifications sent to your phone, this is something we can take on for you. We don’t need to have installed the equipment to work with it or to upgrade it, so if you’re not happy with your current provider we can give you a virtually seamless changeover, ensuring that you comply with your insurance requirements for servicing and compliance with fire regulations. We can also provide training for your staff in how to carry out regular checks and tests on your alarm system, and work out a maintenance schedule that works for you and keeps your insurance provider happy.