Merry Christmas Everyone

Our business is security and safety, which is a serious topic by nature as it can make the difference between life and death, especially in the case of fire and smoke alarm systems. Even domestic burglaries can end up with injuries being sustained, especially if the homeowner has confronted the intruder. We often see new customers after they have been the victims of a burglary and they have decided to invest in their home security, so we see first-hand the devastating impact crime has on people.

Because our day jobs are so serious, we like to have a little fun when we can so here is our Christmas song, reworked to incorporate our bread and butter. It’s sung to the tune of Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens, so get your best singing voice tuned up and let’s have a sing song!

Snow is falling
On the footprints
Of the burglar
Just down the road

Did you hear that?
There was no alarm sounding
That’s why he’s made off on his spree

Those poor neighbours
Will be so shocked
They’d only gone out
Popped to the shops

‘Tis the season
For opportunist burglars
And the pro’s out for you and me

We’re gonna fit an alarm system now
If they come back we’re set
They’ll never get back in
And all our stuff will still be safe

What a relief
Safe as houses
No more worry
No more fear

We’re protected
From burglars and from thieves
And we’re glad that we’ve got that done

But what’s that smell now?
Something’s burning tonight
I can hear a distant smoke alarm
I hope everyone’s alright

Smoke is pouring
From the windows
Oh My Word!
There is a fire!

No need to worry
P&R Alarms has supplied them
With a system that’s second to none

Sirens blaring
Engines whirring
The brigade comes
Driving down the road

They were alerted
By P&R’s great system
With alerts sent straight to them

And for business
We have systems
That can control
Who can go in

And who’s got access
To every different building
Multiple sites are not a problem

We’re your best bet
For security systems
Fire and smoke alarms
Or access control

There’s a reason
We’re Midlands’ number one!
We’ll keep you safe and sound from harm.

Merry Christmas everyone! From everyone here at P&R Alarms.