Managing Visitors With Access Control

Access control systems, used in conjunction with other security products such as CCTV cameras over the entrances and reception areas, can help you manage a flow of visitors to your premises.  Now that businesses must be Covid secure it is even more important to keep accurate records of who has visited and where they have been, in case a visitor later tests positive for Covid-19.  You don’t necessarily need to invest in a whole new system to manage this, as you can use parts of your existing security set-up to manage a lot of the aspects of visitor management and Covid security.

If you have visitors who are unescorted (such as in conference facilities) then a temporary access fob can be given so they can open common doors and access toilets and break rooms, without being able to get into more sensitive parts of the building.  Access control systems make this a doddle – simply set one of your fobs or cards to a pre-set protocol, assign it to the name of the visitor and you’re away.  The records generated from each use of the key fob show you where they went, who else was in the same area at the same time and how long they were there for.  This data can make all the difference when it comes to knowing who might have to self-isolate, and it can be cross referenced against your CCTV footage to provide absolute surety.

One aspect of your Covid security might be to stop insisting that all visitors are accompanied at all times.  This reduces the number of staff coming into contact with each visitor which can be a vital break in the chain of infection, and with an access control system you don’t need to worry about them accidentally (or intentionally) getting into areas they are not supposed to be in.  You might need to upgrade your access control system, but the cost of this should be weighed against the cost to the business of staff being off sick or having to work from home while they self-isolate or wait for test results. 

If you have a smaller business premises and more manageable number of visitors and you can’t afford to invest in access control for the sake of Covid security, then you can still use your existing products to help manage this.  CCTV camera footage should be kept so that you can identify exactly who had contact with a potentially infectious visitor, and for how long.  You can also use CCTV to check whether someone looks ill or is obviously coughing before you allow them into the building; in addition, if you’re using lateral flow tests to screen visitors then your CCTV cameras can show you who has done their test correctly.

You could even use your CCTV cameras to stream product demonstrations to potential customers, avoiding the need for investment in separate equipment for virtual tours.  Your intruder alarm system will keep your premises and stock safe from thieves who have previously entered your premises as a visitor with the intention of scoping out the place for a burglary.  The footage you have of them as a visitor can be proof that they were there planning a break in, while the alarm system will go off if they try to enter, with the police attending directly if you have gone for this option.

Now that life is starting to resemble normality, businesses will open their doors once again to visitors and customers alike, and with the extra security threat of Covid-19 owners need to do everything they can to keep their staff and premises safe.