Managing Multi-Site Security With Ease

We work with a variety of clients, from domestic customers looking to tighten up their home security, to large, multi-site businesses like retail chains, distributors and healthcare providers. Although the aim is the same – to keep the premises and the people who live or work there safe, the means can be very different. A single home requires one system, installed and functioning to protect the home and prevent or deter unwanted visitors. A multi-site business with several employees requires a much more intricate system which not only functions as an alarm system, but also as an access control system to allow for multiple employees.

One way of managing security across multiple sites is to have a standalone system at each location which works to protect that site, but for the person responsible for managing access and alarm systems this can be a real headache, with the potential for a lot of time being spent driving from one site to another to address problems as they come up. It is far better for security managers to have a single system which covers each and every site and which can be managed from a single device.

It’s not just about making someone’s job easier, it’s about working in the most efficient way for everyone concerned and saving unnecessary cost on travel and downtime while the security manager rushes from one site to another to reset an alarm, add a new employee to the system or be present for service call outs. An integrated access control and intruder alarm system allows a single point of administration to deal with enabling or denying access, or setting or disarming alarms which have been falsely triggered. This type of system can even help identify fraud, dishonest employees taking too many breaks and be used for payroll purposes in lieu of an out-dated clocking in and out system.

Businesses operating across multiple sites also often need to re-deploy staff due to sickness or surges in demand; a multi-site system allows access to be granted immediately so a member of staff can go to a different location and be able to open the doors, unset the alarm and log on to the systems with ease. If each location had a different system this would not be possible, and it could involve several people and a couple of days to set up access for the building, alarm and operational systems which is not ideal when you need to quickly move staff around the sites.

P&R Alarms understand these considerations and are experienced in the design and installation of these types of systems. Our PC based system allows a security or HR manager to administrate the system effectively in response to changing business demands, which provides a much higher level of security than a system relying on keys and employee honesty. Businesses which have a high staff turnover and employ people for seasonal spikes would do well to invest in such a system for efficiency gains, as well as the extra protection it affords against fraud and theft.