Make Sure It’s A Happy New Year

New Year’s Eve 2020 is going to be a big departure from the normal celebration.  With large gatherings and events banned due to Covid-19, we’ll all be celebrating in our own homes.  There will only be a few of us celebrating in someone else’s home, and then you have to be with someone who is in your support bubble.  This might make people complacent about home security, because an occupied home is a terrible target for a burglar and they’ll move on to an empty property.  This year, however, there will be a shortage of empty properties on New Year’s Eve so burglars will be taking more risks.

We would all love to see the back of 2020, and we’re likely to indulge in a few tipples throughout the evening to celebrate the end of a challenging year, and to look forward to what 2021 has to offer.  It’s also the end of the Brexit transition period, so whether you’re for or against Brexit, there will be plenty of excuses to overindulge on the 31st December.  We know that alcohol can impair our judgement and affect our memory, so the danger on New Year’s Eve is that we might forget to close and lock windows and doors before we go to bed. Burglars will be working a late shift that evening, leaving break-ins to the early hours when people will be asleep, or too drunk to notice a burglary happening next door, and they’ll be relying on the effects of alcohol to make their job easier.

The risk doesn’t stop when the sun comes up; remember that the burglars will know that nearly everyone is having a lie in.  With dark mornings at this time of year there is more opportunity for burglars to break-in in the early hours before most people are up.  If they go disguised as joggers or dog walkers, no-one will suspect that they might be burglars on the prowl for small electrical items or jewellery.  Post-Christmas burglaries are very common because thieves know people will have received valuable gifts, including small consumer electronics, which are easy to sell, hard to trace and easy to hide about their person without attracting attention.  This year these items will be in abundance as people gift tablets and communication devices to family members so they can stay in touch remotely.

Before you start indulging on New Year’s Eve, ensure any doors and windows you won’t need to open during the night are securely locked and the keys are not within reach of any doors or windows – burglars can easily hook your house keys off a hook in the hallway or a hall table, so ensure these aren’t available to them.  Consider leaving a light on or the television downstairs, with the curtains closed, so that it appears someone is awake and downstairs to deter burglars from even considering breaking in to your home. 

If you have received nice gifts over Christmas make sure these aren’t left on display and that the packaging has been securely disposed of – burglars will go through your recycling bin looking for clues as to what’s inside the house.  Even things such as posh food packets can help a burglar build up a picture of what might be inside the home, so it’s best not to advertise your wealth or expensive tastes, as this makes you an ideal target for theft.

We want all our customers to enjoy their festive time, and that’s why we’re available for emergency call outs over the whole Christmas and New Year period.  We hope you aren’t the victims of a yuletide burglary, but if the worst should happen we’re ready and waiting to help secure your home against a second crime.