Looking forward to a holiday? Our tips for keeping your home safe while you’re away

We crawled out of the depths of winter into spring and now it is properly Summer! And it’s a welcome change from the cold, dark and dreary days we’ve endured for the past few months.  It’s also the perfect time for a holiday, whether that’s a quick getaway or a longer summer break to look forward to.  Many of us will have had to cut back on our holiday spending with the decline in the value of the pound recently, so it’s more important now than ever that you get the most out of your time away and nothing ruins a holiday like the fear that your home is not as secure as it could be.


No one wants to return from a holiday and find there has been a break in, and it may even be worse to discover that your home has been burgled while you are still miles away and unable to attend to matters.  Having a NACOSS Gold approved burglar alarm is the best way to prevent and deal with burglaries, as even the alarm box acts as a deterrent to thieves, who obviously don’t want to get caught.  Insurance companies often give homeowners a discounted premium if they have an NSI approved alarm system fitted, so it is worth doing even if you think you live in a low crime area.  It is important not to get complacent about your home security, especially if you live in a leafy suburb with a neighbourhood watch scheme, as opportunist thieves will strike at any time.  You may be well protected against professional burglars who stake out their targets, but the chancers will risk a robbery if it looks easy enough.


On top of having an alarm system fitted by an NSI Gold standard installer like us, there are a number of measures you can take to make your home unattractive to thieves while you are on holiday.  Having a trusted friend or neighbour to house sit, or to pop in every day greatly reduces the risk of your home being targeted because it looks empty.  Lights can be set on timers, as can radios, but curtains won’t open and close themselves, so it is worth asking someone to do this for you, as well as pick up any post and ensure nothing is piling up on the doorstep.  Royal Mail offer a Keepsake service, whereby they will hold your mail for up to 66 days, so this is worth bearing in mind if you cannot find anyone to look after your property while you are away.


Keeping curtains closed all the time can make it appear that the house is empty, so even though this may hide your valuables it can also act as a signal that the place is vacant.  It is better to hide laptops, TVs, valuable items and jewellery from view so that anyone looking through the window is not tempted by a high value electrical item.  Hiding valuables while you are away for a long time may mean storing them in the loft, giving them to a friend for safekeeping or even leaving them with a bank.  It can be wise to leave a decoy stash of cheap jewellery and a small amount of cash that tricks any burglars into thinking they’ve got the goods.  Similarly, ensure any outbuildings are secured and free of anything expensive that you could not easily replace.


Posting anything about your holiday on social media might be a temptation that is hard to bear, but it is a blatant invitation to thieves.  If you must post, ensure your accounts are private and that you are not advertising your home to thieves.  Similarly, do not broadcast the news in public, as people can overhear your excited chatter about your upcoming vacation and use this information to break in at a quiet time.


You should also check with your insurance company that you are not falling foul of any rules about how long you can leave your home unattended, as some insurers require that the property is not left empty for certain periods of time.  You should also notify them that your NACOSS Gold intruder alarm is activated during your holiday.


If you can take care of all these things before you go away you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest, so call us today on 01905 799949 to get your NSI approved alarm system installed in good time.