Looking For A New Alarm Service Company?

Recently we have been approached by a number of Midlands-based businesses looking for a new supplier for their burglar alarm servicing and monitoring.  We’re used to getting a lot of enquiries; however, this recent spike has been a little unusual.  We’re not sure whether, by some coincidence, lots of business have the same contract end date and that’s why they’re looking around, or whether one of our rivals might be letting themselves down, but either way we’re seeing an increase in new customer enquiries.

We are certified to NSI Gold Standard and also meet the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 quality standards as we continually strive to improve our offering in any way we can.  We regularly review our performance and how we meet our targets, finding that we’re often beating our targets, notably for emergency call out response times.  We take every aspect of our job seriously and have a strong moral compass which means you can trust us to put you first, not our profits.

NSI Gold Standard accreditation requires that equipment as well as staff has been tested and verified, so our staff and the monitoring service we use have all been background checked to ensure good character and dedication to the work.  We hold the highest level because we’re passionate about doing a good job, and we’re experts.

We believe, unlike some alarm companies, that when you purchase equipment through us it’s yours to keep.  We never lock our customers out of their systems and will always hand over engineer codes and other access data if our customers choose to move to another supplier.  This is incredibly rare, however, because we have a high level of customer satisfaction.  When customers do want to switch to a cheaper supplier, they often come back to us for the better service, the reliability and most importantly, the attitude we have to looking after our clients.  We couldn’t do this without our customers.

We have years of experience in the business and we thoroughly test all the equipment we supply at our premises before offering it to our customers.  We can’t know that a system works the way we want it to without our own tests using real life scenarios, so we do this in order to be able to offer the very best to our customers.  Our engineers are highly trained and able to work with a wide range of different systems and manufacturers – this is why we can take on older systems for maintenance and service work – we’ve seen it all before.

Our company base is in Worcester and we cover the whole of the Midlands, including: Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.  So if you’re looking for a local, Midlands based alarm company we’re the people to choose.  Our service and maintenance team are all local and know the area well, which is one of the reasons we’re so fast at responding to call outs, and because we’re local we also keep abreast of the local crime news.  When we know there’s a spate of burglaries happening we know to expect some action, and we’re able to advise our customers on steps to take in emergency circumstances.

For a reliable, trustworthy and local Midlands based alarm supplier, you can’t do better than P&R Alarms.  We’re ready and waiting to take you on board to join the ranks of our happy and safe customers.