Landlords – Forget Changing The Locks

Owners and managers of apartment blocks face a particular challenge when it comes to security management.  In a standard apartment block there will be a key for the main front door, a key for the apartment door, and often a key for the back door or bin storage area.  When a tenant leaves and doesn’t return their keys that means changing three locks, and then providing new keys for the front and back doors for each tenant, as well as having new keys for the apartment.  New keys then have to be provided to management and utility services contracted to the unit.  Even when a tenant does return their keys, there’s still a possibility that they have cut spares which they can then use to access the building again.

This can be a huge problem for people who own or manage blocks of holiday flats, due to the sheer number of people who could potentially gain access when they are not supposed to, and replacing locks and keys regularly can really cut into the profit margin of running holiday lets.

Access control systems are the answer to this problem, as they do away with the need for physical, key-operated locks entirely.  Instead of a traditional key, an access card or fob allows entry to specified parts of the building.  For your tenant, or holiday renter, fobs can be provided for the main doors and their apartment door, and it’s possible to reduce the number of fobs needed by having an integrated system which means they only need one key fob for all the doors, rather than separate ones for the main front door and flat door.

Each access fob can be configured to allow access to the parts of the building each key holder needs access to, which is great for serviced apartments where cleaners need access to every unit, as well as supply cupboards – one key fob can be set to open all these doors.  Access can then be restricted on a case-by-case basis, for example where you have long term tenants or flat owners living in the same block as short-term and holiday renters.  The cleaning and management services don’t need access to the long term and owner-occupiers’ flats, but they do need to be allowed in all the other units.  Access control systems make this incredibly easy.

If a tenant leaves with their key fob(s) then they can simply be disabled centrally, rendering them useless and negating the need to chase that tenant for their keys.  You can be safe in the knowledge that that person no longer has access to any parts of the building.  New key fobs can be added to the system for new tenants or extra services that are provided to the building, and you can even set time periods where the key fobs are active or inactive;  this can be useful when you need to allow access to certain personnel at some times, but restrict it at others.

Yes, the investment in an access control system can seem hefty up-front, but when you factor in the reduction in costs of replacement keys and locks the savings soon add up.  The peace of mind you and your tenants have can’t be valued highly enough, and prospective tenants may be so impressed by the security in your building that they can’t wait to move in – it certainly gives you the edge over an apartment block still controlled by manual keys.

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