Keeping Business Premises Safe In Lockdown

If your business has been forced to close during the national lockdowns you will naturally be concerned about security.  One of the biggest deterrents to burglaries is the presence of someone in the building, whether it’s a private home or a business, so with nobody on site you may be worried about the risk of vandalism, theft or arson. 

CCTV is the most effective way to have a watchful eye over your business premises, even when you can’t be there in person.  While regular visits to your business are advisable to check for issues like burst pipes, you can’t be there all the time, so a CCTV system can be your eyes on the ground.  Environmental warning systems, like flood and fire detectors, can also be very useful in keeping your premises safe from environmental damage and if you are in a flood risk area it’s worth having a system like this in place anyway – if there’s no-one in the office over the weekend that’s 48 hours when a burst pipe, or a river flooding, could cause serious damage.

It is always worth displaying signs that no valuables or cash are kept on the premises overnight, although the average criminal is likely to ignore these on the off-chance that the signs are only there as a deterrent.  Signage can make your premises an unattractive target but they’re no guarantee that determined, or stupid criminals won’t break in regardless.  What can make a difference is someone popping by every day, or every other day to check the place over, or even work for the day if it is Covid secure.  A presence at your premises will be noticed by thieves who are scoping out your place for a burglary, so it is worth being present several times throughout the week.  If possible keep you timing and day’s irregular, and then if you are being checked out they won’t know when you’re going to turn up or how long you are going to stay.  This could also be a good excuse to get some time away from the family if you’re all working from home and/or home-schooling.

CCTV, burglar alarms and access control systems all have their part to play in the security of your business premises, but there are some other factors at play here too.  Location plays a big part in whether your business could be a target for thieves, as places that are out of the way, or largely unoccupied, such as business parks, allow thieves to work without the risk of a passer-by disturbing them.  Other external factors, like shrubbery or bin sheds, provide cover for thieves so it is important that these areas are well lit and as open as possible – instead of a solid fence around bins consider using a slatted fence that people can be seen through.  Keep landscaping tidy and well maintained so that overgrown bushes don’t provide cover, and trees are not acting as a ladder for criminals.

The integrity of your doors and windows is vital too, and your intruder alarm system can include door and window sensors which react to movement.  If a criminal tries to break down a door, or break a window, these sensors activate and sound the alarm, ideally scaring the criminal off, and alerting the local police force.  P&R Alarms, as an NSI Gold Standard supplier, can provide systems with links straight to the police, which gives you peace of mind when locking up for the night.

We have many years of experience of designing and installing complex security systems, so we’re the best people to speak to if you want to find out what is possible, and what benefits a strong security system can bring to your business, not least because it could reduce your insurance premiums.