Invest In Access Control

In these uncertain times businesses face a lot of upheaval and new regulations in order to help stop the spread of coronavirus.  The NHS contact tracing app is a form of access control, in that entry to a premise is contingent on providing contact details.  This data is then used to know who was present at a given venue at a certain time, which then allows people who have potentially come into contact with an infected person to know they are at risk and should self-isolate.

Access control systems for businesses can work in the same way, especially over large and multi-site premises.  The data logged by your staff as they access and leave certain areas of the business shows who they have been in contact with that day. This information can be used to alert the relevant colleagues that they may be at risk of contracting coronavirus.  With proof that only certain staff members have shared spaces and equipment with an infected person you can ask only the staff who need to, to self-isolate. Others members of staff who work in separate parts of the building, or at different sites, don’t need to self-isolate.  Your access control system records are invaluable for this.

For premises open to the public you may want to restrict access at busy times, so an access control system helps you keep track of how many people are inside. With use of a more sophisticated system you can even prevent access to a car park if there are already too many people on site, thereby slowing the flow of people around your premises.  This is also useful for any business that gets visitors, as the access control system allows you to block access to members of the public and only allow entry to authorised people.

Schools can make great use of access control systems while the pandemic is on-going.  If you have a situation where a ‘deep clean’ needs to take place, you can restrict access to everyone except the cleaning team until the disinfection is over; thereby preventing people picking up an infection because they have entered the building before it is safe to do so.  Access control can also help you keep year groups apart, or manage a split timetable where some students are learning from home and some are coming into school. 

Access control systems can be a vital part of making your business or school Covid-secure and they have many benefits beyond biosecurity, including easier payroll processes based on logged hours on site, more flexibility to change access levels and no fears of ex-staff having access to the premises if they have kept their keys.  An access control system can revolutionise the logistics of running your business, so call us today to see how you can benefit from a system.