Intruder Alarm Has Multiple Entry Routes?

One of our most frequently asked questions is “can my intruder alarm have more than one entry route?”

To answer this, you need to understand how your intruder alarm works when you first enter your home.

Most people have their keypad in the hallway by their front door, and an entry time of 30 seconds or longer if you wish. This means the hallway detector gives you 30 seconds, or however longer your entry time is, to get from the front door to the keypad to turn the system off.

If you or someone else deviates from the entry route and go into another room, the motion detector in that room will set the intruder alarm off. This function is what helps to protect your home – if someone goes into another room before turning the alarm off, it’s likely that they shouldn’t be in your home.

By having more than one entry route, such as through the back door or from a garage, every room you walk through to get to the keypad needs to allow you access without setting the intruder alarm off.

Not all properties have a door directly from room the other entry route is in to the room the keypad is in, which means you need to include other rooms in your entry route. None of the detectors in the rooms you have to walk through will set off the system in full until the entry time has expired.

As you can imagine, this makes your home far less secure than having just one room as part of the entry route. 30 seconds, or however long your entry time is, might not sound like a long time but it is enough time for someone to run in and grab valuables before the alarm goes off.

At P&R Alarms Ltd, we do not recommend having more than one entry route unless you are planning to add keypads next to each door you want to enter through. This allows you to access your home through more than one door, while keeping it as secure as possible.

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