How To Secure Your Shed

You may question why an intruder would hold any interest in breaking into your shed, but your shed contains many valuable items or tools which could give easy access to burglars wanting to break in.

Here are some things you could do to make sure your shed is protected!

Secure the door
Some sheds come with fairly flimsy hinges meaning the door could be pulled or kicked off the hinges, or burglars could even remove the screws! We recommend to replace the screws in the hinges with non-returnable security screws, or coach bolts. Be sure that you are locking your shed with a high quality padlock – this will ensure the door is secure.

Protect your windows
Make sure the windows of the shed are protected! Reflective windows are highly recommended as these types of windows stops burglars being able to identify what is inside. To avoid making windows an accessible entry for burglars, be sure to have strong mesh or a grille fitted to the inside of the window as this would make it very difficult for anyone to break in! If your shed has windows which open, ensure they are fitted with high quality locks.

Repair any damage
If your shed has any damages, especially around the doors or windows, make sure you repair or replace these as soon as possible!

Installing CCTV cameras may be an option. The sight of a camera may be enough to put off a burglar, but if not, it will provide evidence which will be useful to the police.

Security marking
Security marking such as SmartWater or SelectaDNA is recommended. Marking expensive or important items would make it harder for burglars to sell on your property or it may discourage them to take it as it would increase the chances of your items being returned to you!

Motion detector lights
It would be worth investing in motion detector lights as these could be enough to put off burglars as they will be visible to you or any neighbours who can see your shed!

Shed security alarms
It is possible to install a security system on your shed. This could be problematic as the movement sensors could be sensitive to any wind coming through the gaps causing a false alarm. However, if you would like your shed to be covered by a security system, upgrading it to a well sealed proper outbuilding like a summer house would be recommended.

Chain items down
A determined burglar may still find a way into your shed, so by chaining down your items and attaching them to the shed is an extra security measure you can take. There are locks made specifically for sheds to keep bikes and tools safe, as well as security anchors. For smaller items within your shed, you should get a secure toolbox.

Register your property on Immobilise
It may be useful to register on the immobile website. It is free to sign up and it is well supported by all UK Police forces, increasing the chances of any stolen property being returned to you.

If you would like to cover your shed or out-building with a security alarm, or add it to your existing system, get in touch and we can have a chat about what might be possible for you!

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