How To Keep Your Property Safe

Secure Your Home:

Having high quality systems installed into your home will ensure your home will be the safest it possibly can be, however it is always best to take extra safety measures yourself. Many of these ways to secure your property may seem obvious, but they could also be easily overlooked! So, here is a friendly reminder to make sure your property is secure at all times – whether you are near or far.

Lock it up

Instead of second guessing yourself about whether you have locked up your home securely whilst you’re away, be confident that you have by going around the house checking if all the windows and doors are locked before you leave. Unlocked doors could interfere with your security systems as they may not set if your door isn’t shut properly. If you are jetting off on holiday, it would be worth having a family member, friend or neighbour to check once you’ve left. Sometimes intruders or burglars may not be deterred at the idea of someone being at home, so in order to be secure at home, be sure to lock all your doors including any back doors leading to the garden when you’re inside, even during summer – especially if you are home alone.

Light Timers

Have you ever been out of the house during the evening, worrying about your precious home sitting alone in the dark?

You should consider investing in light timers as these will put you at ease whilst you’re out of the house. These affordable, clever systems create the illusion that you are at home by turning on lights and lamps automatically at a set time, giving any passing intruders the indication that you are at home. You could also go as far as putting your radio on a timer to really up the illusion that someone is in the house.

Tidy your property

Tidying could seem like the biggest chore, however by not doing so, you could be giving burglars easy access into your property and in the interest of your properties safety, it is well worth it.

Looking around your property (the driveway, garden etc) be sure to identify anything which could be used to benefit a burglar in their attempt to break in, anything from ladders, garden tools, spare bricks to wheelie bins should be moved to avoid a burglar forcing a break in, or climbing over anything to get into your home.

Be sure that once you have moved your belongings, into either your shed or garage, to lock and secure them properly with a high quality padlock as burglars can be interested in these too. Whilst tidying up it would also be worth noting if any windows, doors, weak fence panels are in need for a repair and get them repaired as soon as possible.


 Have you ever thought about how gardening could scare off any burglars?

In the case of a burglar checking your front door to find it is securely locked at their misfortune, they may search for other ways to enter your house- one of these being through the window. By planting prickly plants or bushes around your windows you can discourage any intruders, as it makes it harder for them to access your property through the window.

Remember – once you have finished with planting to securely lock away your gardening tools.


 Take extra precaution with your valuables and be sure to mark your property with security markers.

Any valuables of yours which may be appealing to burglars to sell on would be worth marking them with your postcode and house number with a security marker like Smart Water as recommended by P and R Alarms. As well as this, it would also be recommended to put stickers on these valuables to give any burglars intruding a warning that the item is marked, making it harder for them to resell the items.

Not only will it put off burglars, but in the case of them still taking the item, the security marker will allow the police to recover them much more easily as they can get in touch with you to reclaim your belongings.


In case you’re going away for a few days or longer and you have milk or newspapers deliveries expected, a good tacit would be to cancel these for however long you’re away.

A stack of milk and/or a number of newspapers sticking out of your letterbox would be a good indication to any intruders that you are away, giving them the opportunity to break in.

Don’t make it easy for intruders; keep your home secure.

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