How Many Wires Should a Security System Have?


Wires – one of the biggest concerns people have when buying a security system. We are often asked “How many wires will there be? “Will wires be on show?” “How do you hide wires?”

No matter what kind security system you have, there will be at least one wire. Most security systems are wireless, however there is no reason why a fully wired system cannot have a neat installation.

Here are the different options of Security Systems you could have:

Wireless systems

In a fully wireless system there will be a connection to the mains power. There may also be a connection to your phone socket if your system uses your telephone to call you in the event of a intruder, fire or personal attack alarm activation.

Your siren, keypad, sensors and door contacts would be wire free.


Fully wired security systems

A fully wired system will have wires connecting everything. However, just because you’re having a wired system, this doesn’t mean there will be a wire all over your house clipped around skirting boards or up walls.

Wired security systems are ideal to install during refurbishment of a property, or a new build where we can first fix cabling and second, fix when the property is complete.


Hybrid security systems

Hybrid systems are perfect if you would like to upgrade or add wire free devices to an existing wired system. Which parts are wired and wire free is specific to each property, location of equipment and what you want.

For example; some people may have a hard wired keypad, hard wired external siren and a hard wired internal siren and a wire free detector. Others may have a wired keypad but a wire-free siren.

This decision is often determined at the time of the survey we carry out to make sure the security system meets your needs and is best for you.


How can your security engineers hide wiring?

Our engineers will always do whatever they can to hide cables. It can sometimes be done by fishing cables through cavity walls, under floorboards and through voids.

They will try all options before having a cable on show and will always consult with you about the best place to run a cable, or install a trunking, to ensure you are happy with the end result.

Occasionally, engineers may have to lift a floorboard or a corner of carpet in a certain area, however this is not as disruptive as you may think and new carpets will never be lifted.

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