How clean is your house?

No, we’re not sending Kim and Aggie round with a mop bucket! We’re talking about your burglar alarm bell box. You may well be wondering why having a clean bell box is important, after all, if you have sought a reputable supplier with NSI Gold Standard accreditation like us, you’re safe and secure – you know your system is the best it can be. Burglars, on the other hand, don’t know how good your alarm system is so they look for other signs that your security isn’t up to scratch and having a dirty bell box is one of those indicators.

A dirty alarm bell box indicates that it hasn’t recently been installed or serviced. To a burglar this means your bell box might be a fake one that has been installed as a deterrent, with no actual system behind it. It can also show that home security isn’t your top priority, especially if the outside of your home is otherwise pristine. Depending on the location of your bell box you may be able to clean it by reaching out of a window, but generally speaking you will need an extension ladder and someone with no fear of heights to do the actual cleaning. Please be careful when using ladders – all our installation staff are fully trained in the safe use of ladders, so if it’s something you’d rather we do then call us up, we’ll be happy to give your bell box a thorough scrubbing when we carry out our service.

It is equally important to remove any bell boxes from legacy burglar alarms, as having several on your building makes it unclear whether you have a system or just a collection of redundant bell boxes. A burglar won’t see three unkempt bell boxes and think you’re at Fort Knox levels of security, they will see them and think that your security arrangements aren’t up to scratch. It’s not a matter of aesthetics, although this is important – it is a matter of sending a clear message to potential burglars that you’re on top of your domestic security.

This is equally important for businesses too – the same rules apply. A potential burglar will spot the signs of a neglected security system and see it as an easy target. It’s important to keep your CCTV cameras clean as well for the same reason, but also because dirt on the lens can lead to unclear footage being recorded. If you rely on your footage in court and the perpetrator can’t be seen because the lens is covered in grime, you’ll wish you had paid more attention to these finer details.

At P&R Alarms we want to keep you and your home or business safe, and by passing on these little nuggets of security wisdom we aim to do just that. Of course, when we service or repair your alarm system or CCTV system we will give the equipment a good clean to make it stand out as a clear signal that your security is watertight.