Home Security Tips For Halloween And Bonfire Night

Our autumn festivals might still look a bit different this year – although Covid restrictions have been lifted, we still have to be very mindful.  This means that there will be fewer fireworks displays and bonfires and these will more than likely be a much smaller, family-oriented affair.  Halloween will also look a bit different – while masks are often part of a costume, it will still be sensible to mask up, even though they’re not the standard horror fare.   People that want to participate in the trick or treating are leaving pumpkins outside so the children know where to visit.  Some may be understandably worried about sweets being touched and passed around by multiple people too, so many people are leaving the treats outside so you can help yourself.  

There may be fewer people out and about celebrating these occasions, but this actually means that burglars have a smaller pool of empty properties to target.  For homeowners, this means their empty property is much more desirable as a target than in previous years simply due to supply and demand.  If you’re popping over to have a bonfire or a Halloween party in a friend or relative’s garden, it is vital that you take steps to keep your property secure while you are out.

Always set your burglar alarm when you go out.  This should be a habit you develop even if you’re just nipping out for a loaf of bread or the paper.  With people out and about in gardens and trick or treating, there’s much more chance that someone will hear and respond to your alarm and it will certainly trick the burglars into fleeing empty handed.  Leave a light on, ideally one on each floor of your home.  It’s also a good idea to leave a radio or TV on for background noise, as this reinforces the illusion of occupancy.

Make sure that you close your curtains before going out.   Also make sure that nothing of value can be seen from the front door or through the letterbox.  Desperate thieves, faced with fewer empty properties, will go much further in their quest to steal from you, so never underestimate the appeal of the things that can be seen through your letterbox.  It’s worth noting that leaving a high-value phone charger, or other proof of electrical equipment, in plain sight is as good as leaving the item itself on view, so keep these things away from prying eyes.

If you’re hosting, don’t be tempted to leave a note on your front door telling your guests to come round the back way, as this advertises to burglars that there’s no-one actually inside the house.  You may be close by, but if you’re busy setting off fireworks you won’t hear your front door being pushed in and your Television being swiftly removed from the home.  If you have an alarm system that can be set up zonally, keep the upstairs and the front of the house alarmed, so they’re protected while you enjoy the fun outside.

We hope these tips have given you some ideas about how you can keep your home security tight while still enjoying some quality time with friends or family, without having to worry about your home being broken into.