Gifting Home Security this Christmas

If you’re in the midst of Christmas shopping and still have a few names not ticked off the list yet then why not consider giving the gift of home security? It’s a practical gift which conveys a lot of love and care towards your giftee – what says “I love you and want you to be safe” more than home security products?

Video doorbells are gaining in popularity and as a standalone extra they make a nice gift for a household that has everything else. Many of the models on the market can be installed and programmed by someone with a decent knowledge of DIY and technology and as a gift that keeps on giving you can’t get much better than making someone’s home safer.

DIY CCTV systems are not without their drawbacks, especially when networking them and connecting the feed to a smartphone. If your intended giftee is a technological whizz then they may be able to install one and connect it securely, but if not it may be better to give some money towards a professionally installed system.

The same goes for a burglar alarm. If you want to kit out a relative’s new home with top of the line security kit, then please go down the route of clubbing together for a professionally installed and managed system. You can make a lovely handmade voucher to give on the day and then agree to pay towards a system when your giftee finds it convenient.

If you’re low on funds then motion sensor lighting can be purchased quite cheaply and installed by someone that is handy at DIY; it makes an excellent deterrent to thieves, as well as being a safety feature for the occupants on dark nights when they’re putting the bins out, or if they arrive home late. If you know the right lighting to get then you can wrap it up and put it under the tree, with a handwritten note or voucher explaining that you will install it, or contract someone to install it for them if you wish. If not, a nice handmade voucher will be warmly received so they can choose their own lighting.

If you’re on a very tight budget and you want to give something meaningful in the home security market, then why not offer to do some landscaping, prune an overgrown tree or fix a broken fence, ensuring that the property is safer and more secure. You could even offer to conduct an audit of their home and identify any weak spots if you have a keen eye for detail. There are many checklists online, including on our blog, which tell you what to look for.

We hope this has given you some food for thought and potentially sorted out a few gifts. If you’re concerned about the security of Christmas shopping, both online and on the high street, then check out our article on what to be aware of and how to avoid becoming the victim of theft this Christmas.