Are you getting the best monitoring service?

Many customers of the now defunct Force3 security company have sought out alternative monitoring contracts for their security devices, after the news broke that their monitoring provider would no longer be supporting their client base. Finding a reliable monitoring provider is never an easy task to undertake and it is made harder by the short time frame those customers had to make their arrangements. There is a benefit to switching supplier though, or at least considering the other options to ensure you are getting the best deal for your requirements.

While you might have been forced into the decision to find a new monitoring service for your intruder and fire alarms, as well as your monitored CCTV, we hope that it sparked a whole conversation around security arrangements and the future, and this is never a bad thing, despite the circumstances. The security risks to a business can fluctuate, with a break-in nearby raising crime statistics and a new police station opening in the area lowering the risk of crime for local businesses. The thing is, we don’t often revise and review our security arrangements when these things happen and it is often the best time to do so.

Our monitoring centre, based in the Midlands, is accredited to the same Gold Standard as we are by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and we always look for the same high level of commitment and integrity in our partners, as we expect from ourselves. We can provide basic monitoring services, provide monitored services which communicate with a nominated person to alert them to an alarm being triggered and even provide monitoring services with a police or fire brigade response to ensure any criminals won’t get far, and that any fire can be contained and extinguished before it gets out of hand.

Some people think about cutting out a monitored aspect of their security service especially if it’s a service that they haven’t used for a year or so, meaning no incident has taken place to be reported. This should be a positive thing – we hope we’ll never have to claim on a personal injury policy, but we still have them just in case. It’s the same with monitoring services; the right way to look at it is to consider the cost of repairing fire damage or vandalism committed during a burglary, and the cost of replacing stolen stock, as well as the increase in insurance premiums.

When you factor those costs in and the upheaval to your business at the same time, it becomes very clear that spending some money on a monitoring service for your security systems, is well spent if it can prevent a bigger outlay in the aftermath of a fire or crime incident. Sometimes it is tempting to skip a monitoring service altogether and employ a security guard or two to provide a presence on site and attend to any emergencies quickly. While this is a good option for some premises, it is a costlier choice compared to a fully monitored service and much safer for everyone concerned as the monitoring is conducted away from your site.

We are very proud of the products and services we offer, and believe in always doing the best we can for our customers. We listen to our customers and learn from what they ask for, so we will always aim to create a package that is tailored to your precise needs and wants, giving you the best level of cover without any unnecessary features. The way we work allows us to upgrade or add features to your security systems at any time; so should you decide you need more protection, or a better quality of camera, we can do that for you easily.

If you need a new monitoring service, or it’s just time to upgrade and move on from an old supplier then get in touch with P & R Alarms today.