Force 3 goes Bust – Emergency Monitoring Response Cancelled?

We know that a significant number of security conscious business and homeowners in the Midlands are looking for a new monitoring and maintenance company following the sad news that Force 3 have gone into administration.  Unfortunately this news comes during the busy summer holiday period, although there is never a good time to find out you’re about to lose your monitoring services and only have a month to make alternative arrangements.

P&R Alarms are a local, family run firm which has been operating for 35 years accredited to NSI NACOSS Gold Standard’, although our combined knowledge and experience runs much deeper than that.  We offer the same services as Force 3 used to, including monitoring of CCTV and intruder alarm systems.  If monitored services are a stipulation of your insurance policy you will need to ensure that this service does not lapse as it could render your policy void in the event of a break in.

We will do everything in our power to help businesses and homeowners make the change, a short site visit and consultation will precede a quick switchover to ensure your cover is seamlessly transferred to our care.  We can even advise on the most up to date security products and take on the maintenance of your existing arrangements in most cases.

As we are a local firm we can provide emergency assistance 24 hours a day so in the event of a failure you won’t be left waiting for an engineer to arrive.  We have a 4 hour policy in place, although during a recent quality audit we found that the majority of call outs were attended to within 1 hour.  Don’t delay, there are many people in the same situation and the same area all needing our services.

If you are struggling with the recent revelation that the monitoring of your security systems has been cancelled, and you only have a few weeks to sort out alternative arrangements then we’d be very happy to make your day.  As a fellow local business P&R Alarms can offer monitoring services, maintenance contracts and repair or upgrade work to companies in Warwickshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire the West Midlands and Gloucestershire looking for monitored security services.  We can also provide unmonitored systems for businesses and homeowners or add functionality to your existing set up.

The summer period is often the time of year when the office is one or two staff members down, so already the workload is divided between the staff who aren’t sunning themselves on a beach somewhere.  Do you really need to be working that much harder to find another monitoring company before your service is cancelled?  Have you got to the point where you are considering staying up all night monitoring yourself?

P&R Alarms are local, family run and accredited toNSI NACOSS Gold Standard, so you can place your trust in us.  We will do everything we can to ensure businesses who have lost their monitoring and maintenance services get through this period without any lapse in service, which is vital if insurance policy stipulations are to be adhered to.  A quick site visit and some simple changes are all we have to do to get your monitoring services back up and running, and while we might be working extra hard this summer we know the security of your business is paramount, so we’re very happy to be able to offer our services to businesses who have been left without a paddle.