Your Dog Isn’t Your Replacement Security Alarm

While you may think a dog can putt off a burglar, you shouldn’t rely on your dog as your security system as you cannot guarantee if this will be the case!

Not all dogs are guard dogs
Not all dogs will be able to scare of any intruders as some may cower in the corner, some may bark or some may not be phased! Your dog’s breed is not an indication of their ability to be a guard dog, so be safe with a real security system in your home!

Your dog isn’t always there
A security alarm will be able to provide you with constant protection! If you have left your dog at home whilst you’re away for the day, you may have forgotten that your dog will be going for a walk, so whilst it’s out of your home there will be a lack of security. Therefore, a security alarm will be able to give you protection whether your dog is there or not!

A dog isn’t an insurance requirement
Some insurance companies will require you to have a security system which could lead to a lower premium. It could also decrease the likelihood of you putting in a claim in case a burglar has stolen any of your possessions.

Your dog may be harmed
Whilst your dog is trying to defend your property from an intruder, your dog will be at risk of getting harmed by the intruder.

Muddy dog laws
Your dog may end up attacking intruders to defend your home which could result you going to court. Under the updates to 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act, if a dog attacks an intruder in your home it is not an offence, but if your dog attacks in your garden this is an offence. Furthermore, the intruder may be liable to prosecute if a dog is set on an intruder, as Askthe.Police.UK states “all circumstances will have to be considered”

Dogs can be tricked
Dogs are unreliable security systems, and you cannot guarantee they will provide your property with protection! Your dog may be tricked by an intruder as they may be kept quiet with treats or the intruder may play with them, tricking the dogs into thinking they are harmless. Your security system, however, will not be silenced and will be able to make it alert an intruder is in your house.

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