Could A Smart System Be Intrusive?

One of the compromises we have to make with modern technology is accepting a certain amount of intrusion into our lives.  Whenever you get a new smartphone you spend the first couple of days figuring out how to turn off all the notifications from the apps that come pre-loaded, such as weather and news apps.  Then there’s working out how to silence or change notifications from the apps you do want to hear from, but not about every minor thing.  Sometimes it can feel like we spend too much time checking our phones because there is a notification ping every 5 minutes.  This can put a lot of people off using a smart home system or a smart intruder alarm system which sends notifications and video clips to your phone.

The questions we’re asking is: Should we accept some intrusion into our lives in order to stop people intruding into our homes?

We think it is worth taking some perspective on the issue.  If you didn’t receive any notifications from Facebook or Twitter for a whole day, would this really matter in the grand scheme of things?  Would there be any real-world problems to deal with as a result?  The answer is: likely not, but it would be nice and peaceful.

When it comes to the security of your bricks-and-mortar home and your personal possessions (and of course, the safety of your loved ones) would there be any real-world problems to deal with as a result of not being alerted to a crime?  The answer is: definitely yes.  You could stand to be alerted to a false alarm at your home if it meant that you would definitely be alerted to a real break in or other crime.

The good news is that while you will need to spend a few minutes setting up the security app on your phone to only alert you to the things you want to know about, it will stay this way.  Unlike social media and news apps our smart home alarm system apps aren’t constantly adding new features with a thousand associated notifications, so you won’t feel bombarded with a notification ping every time there is an update.

We often hear from customers that actually, they quite like being alerted by their smart home intruder alarm system.  It gives people peace of mind knowing that they are still “present” even when they’re not home, and still in control even if they are not physically there.  Some people even find that they check the video feeds more often than they thought, perhaps to watch a pet up to mischief or just to reassure themselves that everything is well and good at home.  Those of us with teenage children will know that being able to sneakily check up on what they’re doing at home after school is very reassuring and a smart home intruder alarm system with CCTV is the perfect way of doing this.

So, while a smart system could be considered intrusive, we know that this is a welcome intrusion and one which doesn’t add to your stress, but will actively reduce it.  We think that accepting this small amount of important and relevant intrusion is worth it in order to stop unwanted intrusion into our homes.