Take Control With Security Alarm Apps

Traditionally to receive a notification of alarm activation, you would have a speech dialler connected to your telephone line which would call nominated numbers and play recorded messages, making you aware of any activity.

However with mobile technology advancing, brand new services such as mobile Security Alarm Apps allows you to gain full control of your security system and enhance your security awareness from the touch of your fingers.

We find with Security Alarm Apps, the functionality is far better and you are able to receive information about what is going on much more effectively as it is all wireless. We have also found that these services are found to be very popular, particularly as it is the perfect solution for ‘self monitoring’ for people who do not have landlines installed.

Our two recommended apps in helping you monitor and control your security system is the HKC Cloud App and Texecom App.

HKC Cloud App

The HKC Cloud App, available on Apple, Google, Android and Windows App, offers a hosted manager service which is able to provide you with peace of mind and full control of your security system. The hosted manager service works by connecting your alarm to the cloud service, giving you access to control your alarm from your chosen devices such as smart phones and/or tablets.

Once the cloud service has successfully connected your alarm to devices, the HKC Cloud App is able to run on two different types of connections. The two connections are WiFi Connection which connects via. Broadband, and GSM World SIM Connection which connects to any secure data network and uses the strongest network signal at any given point.

The features which the HKC Cloud security alarm app offer are:

  • Collage HKCBasic Arming – Allowing you to arm, part arm, disarm and reset your alarm systems.
  • Issue Commands – Allowing you to set and unset commands.
  • Notification to activation – Receive notification when your alarm has been activated.
  • Notification to set and unset events – Reminders of events to know when to arm or disarm your alarm systems.
  • Event logs – Allowing you to read the recent event logs of your alarm system
  • Additional Control – Allowing you to control gates, garage doors and lighting which requires additional wiring and hardware to function.

By downloading the HKC Cloud security app, you will gain access to a fully functional virtual keypad and log interrogation allowing you to have full control of your security from your smart phone or tablet.

Texecom App

The Texecom App, available on Apple and Google App, allows you to stay in control of your security and enhance your security awareness as it is connects directly to your smartphone or tablet device from your alarm system. In order to successfully connect to your security alarm to the app from your device, the Texecom App requires WiFi.

Once the Texecom App has successfully connected itself to your smartphones from your alarm system, it is able to run effectively on broadband connection, WiFi connection and on your smartphone’s internet service. Note that when using your smartphone’s internet service, data fees may applicable depending on your service provider and contract as it will count toward data usage. Furthermore the Texecom app cannot function if there is no phone or WiFi signal.

The features which the Texecom security alarm app offer are:Collage texecom

  • Basic Arming – Allowing you to arm, part arm, disarm and reset your alarm systems. This also allows you to activate up to 3 outputs.
  • Virtual Keypad – Allowing you to have full access your security alarm keypad from the app’s keypad.
  • Notification to activation – Receive information from your panel regarding its status through Push notifications and/or Email under the requirement of registration.
  • Notification to set and unset events – Allowing you to set reminders of events to know when to arm and disarm your alarm system.
  • Event logs – Allowing you to read the last 25 log events of your alarm system.
  • Additional Control – Access to control gates, garage doors and lightning under the requirements of additional wiring and hardware to function.

Downloading the Texecom security app, you will be able to have full control of your security with features such as a virtual keypad, basic arming and receiving notifications from your alarm to your smartphone or tablet.

At P and R Alarms Ltd, we recommend taking advantage of these mobile security alarm apps as they provide many benefits. Mobile security alarm apps not only provide you with a sense of security and improve your peace of mind, it allows you stay in control and have full access to your security. Furthermore, security alarm apps helps to improve productivity as from your smartphone or tablet you are can effectively manage your security.

For further information about our recommended Security Alarm apps, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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