Complex Security Requirements? No Problem

Some business have quite complex security requirements; a hospital, government building or other sensitive premises will have wide ranging access control needs to ensure only authorised personnel can access medication stores, intensive care and maternity units, server rooms or confidential archives. The systems which control access to certain areas are also the same systems which allow entry to the building, and we can provide very sophisticated access control systems for all manner of businesses.

We use a PC based system which makes administrating the system a breeze – no more panic when an ex-employee forgets to return their key token, you can simply deactivate that user on the system and they no longer have access. An access control system can also be integrated with your alarm system, so that nominated staff members can set the alarm with a single token press and can only be deactivated by other staff with the same designation. This is ideal for businesses where the entire premises are sensitive, but where some employees have different levels of authorisation for internal areas.

Our access control systems are ideal for multi-site businesses as users can be allowed into, or kept out of, whichever sites you deem necessary. The easy to use alert system can tell you when a certain staff member has arrived and when they leave, which is great when you’re on holiday and when you have staff working alone at remote locations. If you have off-site storage facilities these can be incorporated into your access system so there is a record of who accessed them and when.

Buildings which may be visited by members of the public can opt for a camera based entry system, which allows reception staff to see and hear who is at the door before they buzz them in. For secure hospital units and assessment centres this can be a vital necessity. This helps keep staff safe and means only authorised people can gain entry.

If you want to get really smart with your technology, you can link up lighting and heating systems to your access control panel so all lights are automatically turned off when the last person leaves, and turned on when the first person arrives in the morning. With this technology you can also receive the same information and have the ability to control heating and lights from the comfort of your phone.

Finally, the great thing about access control systems is the degree of insight you get into your staff and their actual working hours. If you suspect someone is taking long lunch breaks or is skipping out early their pass key data will reveal this. Similarly, anyone going the extra mile and coming in early or staying late can be recognised and rewarded for their dedication.

If you need more control over who goes where, and who can see what, then our access control systems are for you. Call us today on 01905 799949 to get the conversation started.