Commercial alarm monitoring – who is watching you and when?

Business owners will know that good security is paramount; no one wants to lock up for the day, go home and worry that their premises is not properly secured, or that they may arrive for work the next day to discover there has been a break-in overnight.  A good night’s sleep can be ruined by these worries, so for better peace of mind why not invest in a monitored alarm or CCTV system?

Commercial alarm monitoring encompasses the monitoring Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms and CCTV images with emergency services response, as well as, more basic monitoring and response to the triggering of an alarm or other security system.  Using a monitored alarm system gives you the option of having a silent alarm which will not scare off intruders, but will ensure that the police are notified to attend, hopefully catching the perpetrators in the act and ensuring a successful conviction.  Alarms which sound a warning bell are also useful when monitored, as they will scare off any wrongdoers while the police are being alerted.  If you have a CCTV system in place then the monitoring of this can affect a police visit, simply because a crime is seen to be in progress.  Monitored systems which trigger an alert to the emergency services can give business owners a lot of security, as they are assured that the police will deal with any criminal activity, all while you sleep comfortably, (unless your one of the key holders and have been called to site).

Some people may be wary of having constant surveillance in their business premises – after all who is watching and when?  Scare stories of people hacking into CCTV systems can put some people off, and the idea that a stranger could be watching you can be unsettling.  We understand this, which is why we only use an NSI NACOSS Gold approved monitoring centre, to conduct the monitoring of business premises with a commercial Intruder alarm, Fire alarm or CCTV system.  These people have been vetted against the strict standards enforced by the National Security Inspectorate and are background checked, to ensure they are suitable for the task of commercial alarm monitoring.

Offsite monitoring of an alarm system means that the operatives are safe from potential burglars; with an on-site presence there is always the risk that the security guard may come to harm, if intruders know someone is watching them from inside the building.  Also, offsite monitoring means that CCTV recordings cannot be stolen and destroyed, removing crucial evidence that could lead to a conviction.  It can work out a lot cheaper as well, as you are not having to pay a full salary to a night guard and fork out for the monitoring station to be housed in your premises.  There is also the added benefit of not having to worry about holiday and sick leave cover for your on-site security as the centre will provide full time monitoring, without you needing to take any action.

Commercial alarm monitoring is not confined to simply watching over CCTV cameras; premises without image recording that are protected by an intruder alarm and Fire alarms are still prone to break ins and fire, and with our 24-hour monitoring centre we can ensure that the right emergency service is dispatched when the system is triggered.

Our range of commercial alarm systems includes smoke and fog generators, which confuse intruders and make it impossible to see anything to steal.  We can also provide extremely loud audio emitters, which produce an ear-splitting sound that no-one can tolerate, meaning potential burglars have to leave the scene if they want to keep their hearing.  We can also provide flood monitoring and surveillance of other environmental factors that may affect your business, so we can completely tailor a system to your specific requirements.

If you are considering installing a commercial alarm system, or want to upgrade your existing system to include more deterrents and a monitoring service, we are the people to call.  With so many successful installations under our belt, we are the perfect people to serve your security needs and give you a sense of safety that is unparalleled.