Christmas Security Tips

Christmas is coming up very soon and everyone is getting into the festive mood with gifts for loved ones being bought, festive decorations being put on display and holidays getting booked!

Although the festive season is a break for most, burglars are motivated more than ever with homes being filled with valuables and homes being left for holiday visits.

We have shared some of our Christmas Security tips to keep you safe this Christmas.


Avoid sharing too much

Although it’s tempting to show off what gifts you received over the festive season or where you’re going during the holidays, be cautious about over sharing. Posting pictures of your gifts or updating a status/leaving a voice message about where you’re off to and how long, allows criminals to know when you’re not home and what valuables are stashed inside. Consequently this makes your home an easy target for burglary.

Dispose of gift packages and wrapping

Leaving gift packages and wrapping outside your home will make your home vulnerable to theft as it’ll expose what valuables are sitting inside. We advise to dispose all of your gift wrappers and packages carefully this festive season. Packages should be folded as small as they can be and covered giving no indication as to what it was boxing up previously. It’s understandable if you want to be on top of your recycling over the holidays, however be sure to put out your packages and wrapping until the day or time it’s to be collected. This helps to protect your home as leaving your recycling out too long before collection will give any potential thieves passing by enough time to work out what valuables you have.

Keep gifts out of view

Whether wrapped or unwrapped, gifts should be kept out of view – do not make it easy for thieves. By keeping gifts in view of windows or doors is essentially inviting potential thieves to window shop the valuables inside your home, thus making your home a very easy target. If your Christmas tree is placed near your window, shut the curtains and lock the window securely every night. If you’re away during the holidays, before or after Christmas, be sure gifts are tucked away in a safe place.

Festive Lighting

If you’re thinking of displaying festive lights outside your home this Christmas, we advise investing in solar or battery operated festive lights. If you’re unable to find the perfect solar or battery operated outdoor lights, we recommend installing an outdoor outlet. Wires running through windows or doors to brighten up the outside of your home will make your home vulnerable as windows/doors will have to be kept slightly open to allow room for the wire. As a result giving easy access for any potential thieves.

Away during the holidays

During the holidays many of us are visiting family and friends or are on holiday to celebrate the festivities. If you’re away over Christmas be sure to securely lock all windows and doors and set your security system to prevent burglars gaining easy access into your home whilst you’re away. For more tips on how to keep your property safe during the holidays, check out our blog:
Ensure you’re the safest you can be this holiday by considering our Christmas security tips, and taking these extra safety measures. Always remember to check if your security system is fully functioning.

Happy Holidays from P&R Alarms Ltd!

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