Cheap Burglar Alarms Could Actually Compromise Your Home Security

Everyone loves a bargain, especially when it’s a good deal on something you actually want and need.  While we all like to save money where we can, this can be a dangerous habit to get into if this becomes your default position on all purchases.  Yes, a half price pair of jeans are the same quality when reduced as when they were full price, but a cheap car, or burglar alarm system will be cheap for a reason This is usually because it’s not up to standard and/or has some of the features removed.

Top quality intruder alarm systems aren’t cheap, but would you want something inferior, or possibly not fully functional, protecting your home for the sake of saving a few pounds?  Always weigh up the cost of home security products against the financial cost of replacing and repairing stolen and damaged items; as well as the emotional cost of dealing with a break in.  If the price of the system sounds too good to be true, it probably is not worth the money at all.

Home security systems use sensors to detect movement.  Sensors can be located at points around the home where they won’t get falsely triggered (by pets, for example) and at entry points.  Most systems require two sensors to detect movement before the actual alarm is triggered, so if you’ve bought a cheap system which only has sensors covering the front and back doors, then the rest of your house is largely unprotected.  Say a burglar breaks in through a window into a room where there is no sensor – because there’s no sensor they won’t trigger the system at all, and may only trigger one of the door sensors if they move through the house.  In this example the alarm won’t sound at all and the system is ineffective.

A good intruder alarm system has sensors in every room with a window, as well as around the other common entry points.  This means the system has a much better chance of being triggered properly and the alarm sounding, scaring off the burglar and potentially alerting you and/or the police to criminal activity.

Even if you invest in a top of the line system, the way it is installed and serviced has a huge impact on its efficacy.  While any electrician can install and wire up a burglar alarm, they don’t have the knowledge and experience specific to the task of placing sensors in the right location, and setting the parameters for triggering the alarm.  A badly installed alarm system can create a lot of false alarms, or even worse, not go off when it should do.  This can lead to the system falling into disuse because it has become a hassle. If you’re not using and setting the alarm, there’s no point in having one.

At P&R Alarms we have a wealth of experience to draw on when we design and install systems for our customers; we’ll ensure that the sensors are placed in the right locations for your home and lifestyle.  We will service and maintain the alarm to the highest professional standards – that’s why we’re NSI Gold Standard certificated.  We believe that you get what you pay for, and if you want the highest quality, with the best customer service and response times then buy from us with confidence.