CCTV Tips For Businesses

Covering your premises with a CCTV system is part and parcel of running a business.  Some people may want to cut corners and costs by eschewing a surveillance system, but if their premises is then vandalised or burgled they’ll wish they had some evidence of the perpetrators to hand over to the police.  A CCTV system alone won’t deter the most hard-core criminals, but it will reveal their identity on the footage, and a CCTV system, alongside a burglar alarm and other environmental security factors unite to create a premises that isn’t easy to break into.

One consideration in the modern, inter-connected world is the cyber security of your footage.  Hackers can access the footage you have taken depending on where it is stored, so ensure your system is secure and that the footage is stored somewhere that cannot be hacked into.  Our 24-hour monitoring centre can be used to direct your footage to, where it can be reviewed by real people trained to look for the tell-tale signs of criminal behaviour.  Our centre is secure, both physically and virtually, so it’s ideal for business owners, with high-risk properties, who want the peace of mind that comes from having a presence on-site at a fraction of the cost.

Camera placement is vitally important, as there are legal requirements to consider in terms of privacy.  Certain areas, including toilets, changing areas and shower facilities cannot be monitored by CCTV, and you are also not allowed to capture footage of areas outside your property boundary.  Failure to stick to these rules results in prosecution, which can ruin your reputation and cost you financially.  Doorways and other entrances to your premises should be covered so you can see who is coming and going, but any areas where someone may be recorded needs to be signposted clearly, so that visitors are making an informed choice to be recorded.

The clarity of your footage depends on the light levels and quality of your cameras – footage that is so blurry or grainy that you can’t identify an individual is the same as having no footage at all; so if you need to record activity in areas with low light levels you may need to install lighting, or place the camera to cover the area from a different angle.

Cameras that can capture decent footage overnight are also worth looking at, especially as most business break-ins happen at night because there’s no-one on-site to act as a deterrent.  We will always design our systems around your specific needs, and this may mean having some cameras with high specifications for outdoor use (weather-proof, night vision compatible, tracking enabled) and interior cameras that don’t need to be weather-proof or record in low light levels.

We always conduct a site survey as well as a thorough discussion with our prospective clients, to enable us to create a system that meets your exact specifications.  We don’t believe that any security equipment is a one-size-fits-all product, and we’ll never try to cut corners when it comes to your business security.  If you have a CCTV system already, but you want to upgrade or augment it with extra features that’s no problem for us; as the experts we can take what you already have and integrate the features you want, lowering the cost of a completely new system to a more budget friendly proposal.  You may be pleasantly surprised at how much we can do with what you already have.