How CCTV Can Help Make Your Workplace Covid Secure

As businesses open back up and life starts to resemble something akin to normality there’s a real focus on Covid security, but there’s no alarm for a virus. Businesses need to work out how to turn security products to their advantage, so they can still operate under the restrictions and prove that they are acting safely.

CCTV is a great way of making your workplace Covid secure, as you can use external cameras to see visitors to your premises before they are allowed in, and if you have a queue forming then a CCTV camera can give you an idea of how busy you’re about to be. It’s also great for reviewing footage to determine whether your staff and customers are sticking to the agreed social distancing policy, as well as wearing masks and using hand sanitizer.

This footage can also be used to inform your other Covid security policies, such as a one way system or staggered start and end times for staff shifts. You can’t physically be watching every area of your business in person, but a CCTV system provides this kind of high level view. The footage can show you what’s working well and what isn’t, as well as identifying the specific places that might be a pinch point for customer flow through a store or employees through a facility.

In a warehouse or factory, social distancing can be easier to enforce as you’re not dealing with members of the public on your premises, but CCTV can still play a part in ensuring your policies are workable. If you’re still in the process of working out whether more staff can come in safely, review some old footage to see how your employees work in the real world. This may show you that certain areas or processes require a higher concentration of people, but others are relatively clear. You may be able to reorganise the layout of your facility to make social distancing possible and maximise the number of staff (and therefore productivity) that can safely be on site at any one time.

As the rules change, the ability to see in real time how well your measures are working, and what next steps you could take will be invaluable in being responsive to customer demands and government advice, ensuring that your policy meets both requirements without a long delay. CCTV can also be more important than normal in a burglary, because you can see what the thieves have touched and therefore concentrate your cleaning efforts on those areas.

Access control systems in large businesses can be turned towards tracking and tracing Covid infections in the workplace, as you can easily see who shares a work area and common areas with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19. This means that staff that haven’t been in contact with someone who has tested positive don’t have to self-isolate as a precaution, and only those who have shared common spaces will have to stay at home. If you had to send everyone home to self-isolate as a precaution, there could be a serious impact on the productivity of your business, so managing this risk sensibly and with technology makes perfect sense.

When we install or service your CCTV system we will ensure our engineers adhere to social distancing at all times and wear the correct PPE to avoid any risk of contamination. We take security and safety very seriously, and that extends to the wellbeing of our customers.