Can You Afford To Replace…

…the items that you keep in your shed, outbuilding or garden?  While many home contents insurance policies cover other structures within your property boundary, it is worth checking the small print for details of what will be covered if it is stolen from your shed or garden.  Each policy will be slightly different, and you may be paying a higher premium to cover your secondary buildings if they are not as secure as they should be.  You should definitely check whether pricey items like lawnmowers and garden tools are protected by your insurance policy if they are kept in a garage, outbuilding or left in the garden.

If you discover a hole in your insurance policy get it patched up right away, in the same way you’d fix a hole in your garage or shed that might be used by burglars to see what’s inside or to gain access.  If it’s not practical to keep garden tools elsewhere and they are not covered by your insurance policy, then ensure you take extra steps to keep valuable items, like bikes, lawnmowers and high-end garden furniture safe.  Sturdy bike locks can be used to tether bikes and lawnmowers, while having a fixed rack you can secure these items to will make them virtually immoveable. 

We know that the summer often sees a rise in thefts of items that people want to buy and use when the weather is nice as there’s an instant market for thieves to sell to.  Don’t become the victim of garden crime – get in touch with us to see how we can help keep your garden and shed as safe as your house.