How can I improve my home security

As the saying goes, an Englishman’s home is his castle, but not many of us own property with built in fortifications and a moat to keep intruders at bay, let alone a drawbridge or a team of archers defending the stronghold.  With that in mind, how can the average homeowners keep their property safe from burglars or vandals and other antisocial behaviour?

Deterrents such as a fake decoy CCTV camera, alarm box or locking gates are a great start.  Potential thieves and troublemakers usually check for obvious signs that a property is protected and occupied before going any further with their nefarious plans, so the more difficult to break into the property the less likely it is that they will attempt to do so.  Some people think that by installing security measures like this it advertises the fact that something worth stealing is kept inside, but nowadays everyone has a lot of high tech electronics and gadgets in their homes, so thieves looking to steal a top of the range TV or games console, won’t see a protected house as a target as much as they might have done two decades ago.

Having double glazing makes breaking a window an arduous task, and the secure locks on these types of window are hard to break without making it obvious to others that a break in is in progress.  Entry doors should also be of the same type; it is much cheaper to upgrade a door, than to have to organise a speedy replacement and deal with an insurance company, in the event that a thief breaks down an insecure door and steals your prized possessions.  Ladders and other equipment that could be used by a thief to break in, should be kept locked away out of sight – many home break ins are committed using the homeowner’s own ladder.

These are just the basics to improving your home security and are designed to deter would-be burglars, but persons with valuables, such as artworks and/or jewellery may choose to install other equipment to protect these items should a thief manage to gain entry.  A video doorbell allows you to see who is outside the property when they ring the bell, and some even record any motion detected outside the house.  You can see who is outside even if you are not at home, and communicate with that person from a cafe, the gym or the office making it look like someone is at home.

Often people with the money to own priceless artworks and expensive jewels have other properties and leave some unattended for extended periods.  In these cases, an NSI approved monitored alarm system is vital, as it ensures a high level of protection and a guaranteed response, in the event that the system is triggered.  A bell only alarm may scare off low level burglars, but determined thieves will often stick around to retrieve their loot before making off, under the assumption that no one will respond to the noise.  Having a system that is monitored and responded to by NSI approved companies, gives you peace of mind and ensures that if anything is stolen it will be fully covered under your insurance policy.  It is advisable to keep very expensive or sentimental items in a safe, that is secured to the floor, so that only you can access it and it cannot be easily removed from the property.  Hiding this safe in a built-in wardrobe, bathroom or other inconspicuous area of the home reduces the chances of it even being found during a burglary.

For the average homeowner there will always be additional measures that can be taken to improve home security, but the ultimate in safety is an NSI gold standard alarm, either monitored or responsive, to protect your possessions and deter thieves.