How can I Improve my Business Security

Every business owner worries about the security of their premises, with the threat of intruders, vandals and even theft by employees all being valid concerns.  Retail store owners especially are targeted by burglars, keen to steal cash and stock that can be easily sold on, while leisure and entertainment venues also face similar problems during their closed hours.  Factory and industrial site owners also face break ins, vandalism and threat and those located out of the way, can be an attractive target for criminals who do not want to be disturbed.

CCTV on a business premises is almost a must, as it not only provides a deterrent but will record any wrongdoers in the act, which often leads to a successful prosecution.  It is best to use a system that sends the recording off site, so that even if a criminal gains access and manages to steal what they think is the proof of their crimes, there is a backup copy elsewhere.

An NSI gold standard alarm is also essential for business owners and is usually a requirement of insurance policies.  Alarm systems for business can range from a simple audible only system, to fully monitored systems with emergency services response.  Businesses with a lot of casual or seasonal staff need to keep security in mind when planning staffing operations, to ensure that only trusted long-term employees are made keyholders and given the responsibility of opening or locking up.  While many casual workers are honest, it is a good way for thieves to gain access to a business to scout out what is worth stealing and how.  If you take steps to make it nigh on impossible for casual staff to enter the premises without another staff member present, you can reduce the chances of being targeted by con-men.

The code for your NSI gold standard intruder alarm system should only be shared with trusted members of staff, and ideally never written down anywhere that it can be seen by the public.  If the keypad is located outside and within view of the public it should be fitted with a shield, which prevents anyone from seeing what numbers have been pressed – determined thieves will often wait around to catch a glimpse of the code being entered, so they can gain access at their convenience without setting off the alarm;  The business owner is none the wiser until staff arrive on site the next day and it can be difficult to prove to an insurance company that a genuine theft has taken place.

Industrial estates and commercial parks are often deserted at night and over weekends, making these the prime times for criminals to case out a business, or to commit burglaries without a huge risk of being disturbed.  Of course, CCTV may catch some footage of them in the act and bells only alarm system may scare them off, but by that point some damage will already have been done.  A security guard provided by an NSI approved company will provide a physical deterrent to potential thieves and it is also worth considering guard dogs as an additional measure for having a presence on site 24/7.

At P&R Alarms we have years of experience in protecting businesses, even providing fully monitored and response services for customers in our local area.  When you want to beef up your business security, you are safe putting the security of your business in our hands.  Call us today on 01905 799949 for advice on protecting your business.