P&R Alarms works with local Rotary Club

As a local business P&R Alarms are always looking to make a difference to the surrounding community, after all our business is keeping you safe! When we were approached by the local Rotary Club to sponsor their annual Sandwich Board March, we jumped at the chance to help raise funds for the vital work that… Read more »

Protecting Your Desirable Items

Home break-ins are thankfully not too prevalent, with around 1% of households being the target of thieves. A working alarm system, preferably one which is fitted and maintained by an NSI Gold Standard supplier, is the biggest deterrent there is to burglars. It is worth investing in monitored CCTV or burglar alarm systems with a… Read more »

Eggs Better off in One Baket – All Alarm Systems & Monitoring

We all know the old saying “don’t keep all your eggs in one basket” but there are times when it’s advantageous to keep everything in one place, such as your security and access arrangements. For one thing, shopping around for different suppliers for each aspect takes time, and there’s no guarantee that at the end… Read more »

How do burglars actually get in?

Home and business owners can take all the precautions necessary to avoid being burgled, but unfortunately some determined criminals still gain access to your premises if the timing is right. The stereotypical burglary tools are a crowbar and screwdriver, both of which can be used to pry open a door or a window, and being… Read more »

Are you getting the best monitoring service?

Many customers of the now defunct Force3 security company have sought out alternative monitoring contracts for their security devices, after the news broke that their monitoring provider would no longer be supporting their client base. Finding a reliable monitoring provider is never an easy task to undertake and it is made harder by the short… Read more »

A brief history of crime and punishment

Since the start of human history theft has been a problem in society, from stealing food, clothes or other assets in ancient civilisations to the sophisticated cyber-fraud that happens today; there will always be someone who wants what other people have, and who will stoop to any depth to obtain it. Today, most theft is… Read more »

Which Types of Crime are Most Prevalent in the Summer?

It’s well known that most types of crime increase in the summer. Studies from around the world have shown a positive correlation between the temperature and reports of crime, with a 1°C increase in temperature leading to a 1.3% increase in crime. Scientists have looked at the reasons for this increase and think that the… Read more »

How clean is your house?

No, we’re not sending Kim and Aggie round with a mop bucket! We’re talking about your burglar alarm bell box. You may well be wondering why having a clean bell box is important, after all, if you have sought a reputable supplier with NSI Gold Standard accreditation like us, you’re safe and secure – you… Read more »

A taste of their own medicine

Being the victim of a burglary or other crime is a distressing experience, especially when if the crime involves breaking into the victim’s home – it can feel like a total invasion of privacy and a violation of personal space. We are dedicated to keeping thieves out of your premises, either at home or at… Read more »

Inside the mind of a burglar

Burglars can be pretty complex people. Some are opportunists, who will act when presented with the right opportunity at the right time, while others are more calculating and prepared, targeting specific properties they believe to have things worth stealing, and when they know the occupants will be out. The split between the two groups is… Read more »