Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

…when we say we’re good.  What we can tell you is that we’ve been in the security industry for nearly four decades and have a combined experience of many more years across our staff; all of whom joined us with excellent references and a thorough background check.  We’re also an NSI Gold accredited supplier.  The… Read more »

Are You Giving TMI?

The acronym TMI stands for Too Much Information, and it’s often used to stop people in their tracks when they are telling a story we really don’t want or need to hear, such as the details of their ingrown toenail operation, or the reason their toilet got blocked.  We all know someone like this, and… Read more »

Summer Holiday Security – Part 2

Welcome back to our look at the security aspects of a summer holiday let.  We’ve looked at the main concerns for the owners, and now we turn our attention to what the renters need to know. The keys, or RFID access token for your holiday let should be treated with the same care as your… Read more »

Summer Holiday Security – Part 1

If you own a holiday rental property there are many security concerns that the average homeowner doesn’t have to worry about.  Although it is very rare, there have been reports of renters refusing to leave at the end of their stay, leading to costly eviction processes which also mean a loss of rental income while… Read more »

Protect Your Protection

When you’ve invested in a decent home or business security system, it makes sense that you’ll want to keep it in full working order for as long as possible, in other words you’ll want to protect your protection.  Part of this is having a regular service and maintenance schedule with your installer, or with us… Read more »

Remember The Jetson’s?

Keen cartoon fans will remember The Jetsons, the space age family who got into all sorts of scrapes.  The cartoon was set in 2062 and included all sorts of technology that, at the time it was made, seemed a long way off and very farfetched.  Some of these technological devices are actually in existence today,… Read more »

Get Spring Cleaning – Safely

Although we have had much more time at home recently, it’s hard to do any proper spring cleaning or redecorating when the whole family is under your feet.  As we come out of lockdown and we can travel further afield for a day out, or just spend the day in the garden enjoying the weather,… Read more »

Burglars’ Tips And Tricks

Burglars take their job very seriously, and they’re always conducting Continued Professional Development training by staying up to date with the latest security products and the latest social media platforms.  They also have a long list of tried and tested techniques to scope and enter properties to steal valuables, so it follows that staying ahead… Read more »

Should I Confront A Burglar?

We would never advise that confronting a burglar is the best course of action.  While we may be lucky in the UK in that we can assume that the burglar doesn’t have a gun, (the reverse being true in the USA), we also don’t know what that individual is capable of.  Burglars know they may… Read more »

West Midlands Crime Statistics – Winter 2020

We’re bringing you the next instalment in our regular round-up of the crime statistics from the West Midlands to keep you informed in the crime patterns we experience.  Knowing how prevalent a crime is, and whether rates are increasing or dropping over time can help you keep your home and business safe.  For example, if… Read more »