Focus on: Shoplifting

Shoplifting is often seen as trivial, as something that schoolchildren do for a dare, and as a victimless crime.  The reality for retailers is that it has become a huge problem in the last two years; with verbal and physical violence from those who are challenged by shop staff one of the most troubling aspects. … Read more »

Chain It Up!

Bike thefts are less frequent in the winter months due to the availability of stock – with fewer people cycling in the winter, there are fewer opportunities to steal bicycles.  This means that when the weather warms up it’s time for bike thieves to get active.  The market for stolen bikes also swells in the… Read more »

Safety And Security Lessons To Learn From Winter

We hope all our customers, existing and potential, weren’t plagued by a seasonal security issue this year but the changing seasons bring different risks to security, the environmental ones often being underestimated by property owners. We have seen dreadful flooding this year; flooding which has been almost non-stop between storms for some residents in this… Read more »

Predicting Crime For 2024

Predicting the crime picture for 2024 is an important exercise; however, the results need careful interpretation.  There are many things that influence crime prevalence, especially socio-economic factors on crime like shoplifting and burglary, and global health factors on domestic abuse and antisocial behaviour – we’ve seen both these factors impact on specific types of crime… Read more »

What Do Criminals Want Right Now?

Recently we reported on the drop in car thefts thanks to the new policing plan, which has targeted chop shops.  These are places where stolen vehicles are taken (often stolen to order) and dismantled, with the parts then either being sold off or used to repair other stolen vehicles to be sold on.  Criminals looking… Read more »

Protecting Public Premises

Protecting a home or business premises is relatively easy compared to protecting a building to which the public has access some or all of the time.  We’re talking about bus stations, libraries, town halls and hospitals – the sort of place anyone can enter unchallenged, but where there are also office based staff behind closed… Read more »

Bad News For Midlands Criminals

Earlier this year we reported on the numbers of serving police officers in the West Midlands and looked at the crime rate for the same period.  This made for fairly grim reading, as there were just 8,067 officers serving at the time of writing.  When compared to levels in 2010, this represented a 559 officer… Read more »

Can You Afford Not To Have An Alarm?

With burglary rates rising and the cost of living following the same trajectory, it’s understandable that homeowners are wondering whether to install a burglar alarm.  A similar dilemma faces alarm owners who ought to upgrade and who need to pay for yearly service and maintenance.  Depending on your viewpoint it may seem like a luxury… Read more »

Your Local Crime Picture

Residents of the West Midlands, particularly Birmingham, will be interested to know the crime rates for their postcodes which were obtained under a Freedom of Information (FoI) request this year.  West Midlands Police responded with the 15 most hard-hit postcodes over the year so far and it makes for sobering reading.  The Erdington and Northfield… Read more »

Beating Burglary Gangs

An organised gang of four burglars was recently jailed for 47 years and six months between them, after they stole around £350,000 of property in the space of just three months.  The gang, originally from Ireland but operating across the West Midlands, targeted properties where cash and jewellery could be stolen, or other high value… Read more »