Looking For A New Alarm Service Company?

Recently we have been approached by a number of Midlands-based businesses looking for a new supplier for their burglar alarm servicing and monitoring.  We’re used to getting a lot of enquiries; however, this recent spike has been a little unusual.  We’re not sure whether, by some coincidence, lots of business have the same contract end… Read more »

West Midlands Crime Statistics

The impact of lockdowns and coronavirus restrictions has seen a general decrease in crime this year, with April and May being two of the lowest crime months in many years.  If we look at the figures from summer into autumn we see that crime is starting to go up again, which is no surprise as… Read more »

How Safe Are Your Fire Doors?

How many fire doors do you have in your home?  If you don’t know, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  When we think of fire doors we think about commercial properties because that’s where most of us see fire doors, if we even think of them at all.  It may surprise you to learn that fire… Read more »

Make Sure It’s A Happy New Year

New Year’s Eve 2020 is going to be a big departure from the normal celebration.  With large gatherings and events banned due to Covid-19, we’ll all be celebrating in our own homes.  There will only be a few of us celebrating in someone else’s home, and then you have to be with someone who is… Read more »

Fairytale of New Cameras

Christmas is a peak time for burglars, and with fewer homes vacant over the festive period this year it’s likely they’ll take bigger risks than in the past.  Occupation is one of the biggest deterrents there is, but when you pop out for a Boxing Day stroll with the family it’s the perfect time for… Read more »

It’s Time To Light The Fire… Safely

As the nights draw in those of us with log burners or open fireplaces are lighting up and getting cosy.  There’s something undeniably autumnal about the smell of wood smoke and it does lend a certain ambience to the living room, having a fire crackling away and throwing out heat.  We might also be lighting… Read more »

After Fire Door Safety Week

Fire Door Safety Week ran from the 21st to 27th of September and focused on the importance of fire doors stopping the spread of a fire and providing adequate time for the building to be evacuated.  This is especially important in places like schools and hospitals, where there are people who can’t remove themselves safely… Read more »

Home And Business Security Check – Is Your Door Good Enough?

While many people assume a window or back door will be a burglar’s preferred method of entry, they will often use the front door if it seems insecure and is not too visible from the road.  They can also deduce a lot about your general security level from the state of your front door, so… Read more »

Preventing Car Theft At Home And Away

The safest place to keep your car is a locked garage, and this is reflected in the premiums you pay for your car insurance, which go down as the security of your overnight car location goes up.  A driveway is also safer than parking on the road, even more so if you have CCTV that… Read more »

The Top Causes Of False Alarms At Business Premises

Every business premises needs an intruder alarm and it is often required by an insurance company before they will provide cover. Most businesses are empty overnight and on days they are closed, this presents the perfect opportunity for a break in. Premises located on industrial estates can be even more vulnerable due to the absence… Read more »