Building A Local Network Helps Fight Crime

If there’s one positive thing to arise from the country battling to minimize the coronavirus, it’s the way in which communities have come together to provide care and essential services for the most vulnerable members of society. Many of us will have made new social contacts, despite social distancing rules by providing support for our… Read more »

Will Crime Rates Skyrocket After The Lockdown Ends?

At the time of writing the UK is in a lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus. Reports from police forces across the country show that there has been a 21% reduction in crime compared to the same period last year. With everyone having to stay at home there are very few opportunities for burglars… Read more »

What Can We Learn From The Lockdown That We Can Use In The Future?

The lockdown period in the UK shows no signs of being lifted or eased at the time of writing, and looking at the experiences of other countries we can expect to have some measures in place for a long time. We will adapt and get used to living with these changes, but when the lockdown… Read more »

If You Could Have Anything Protecting Your Home What Would It Be?

Long before sophisticated burglar alarms were readily available, humans have been protecting their territory in other ways. Fortifications have been used for millennia, to keep out unwanted guests and to show would-be intruders that you mean business, and animals have also played a part in protection. Dogs have been used by humans as guard animals… Read more »

The Biggest Thefts – And How They Could Have Been Foiled

One of the biggest thefts in recent history is the Hatton Garden raid in 2015 – it is often described as the biggest burglary in English legal history. The theft was carried out by a gang of retired and elderly men, who devised a plan to enter the building and get to the safe deposit… Read more »

How Do Burglars Work?

Professional burglars can be quite educated in the signs of a good home to target, how to work out the best time to strike and also the best, most inconspicuous access routes in and around the building. They research their targets through several methods, often starting online, where people foolishly share details of their upcoming… Read more »

Locked out of your own alarm system?

At P&R Alarms we pride ourselves on customer service and doing the best we can for all our clients, both domestic and commercial. It’s this approach and attitude than helps us retain our NSI Gold standard certification, as customer service features strongly in the accreditation. It really gets our goat, then, when we hear about… Read more »

Latest Crime Figures for the West Midlands

The crime statistics for the second quarter of 2019 have been published and as expected, general crime rates have risen over the summer. There are a number of reasons for this increase, including temperature rises (all crime increases as the temperature goes up), people being out of the home for longer and more opportunities for… Read more »

New Year’s Security Resolutions

It’s time to think about your New Year’s resolutions, and while the most popular ones are quitting smoking or drinking, getting fit or losing weight, and learning something, new these resolutions are easy to fail at – 75% of resolutions have been ditched by the end of January, and only 20% are successful in the… Read more »