Bank Holiday Burglar Alarm Call Outs

It’s a bank holiday and you’re relaxing in the garden with your family when your burglar alarm starts going off. There’s no one breaking into your house, but the system has a fault and won’t stop going off.

You need your system fixed as soon as possible. Firstly, to fix the fault and make sure your home is actually being protected and secondly, to silence that irritating noise.

But, it’s a bank holiday. Will your security company come out to fix it? And if they do, a call out on a bank holiday will cost a fortune, right? Wrong, it shouldn’t do.

A lot of clients tell us that their previous providers had astronomical call-out fees on bank holidays. Many security providers will charge you a fee just to get in the van, and then you pay for their time on top of that.

That’s not something we do. It isn’t your fault that your security system had a fault on a bank holiday.

Our call out charges are competitive and we only charge for the time we spend onsite, with a minimum of one hour.

Maintained customers are guaranteed 24 hour support 365 days a year, including bank holidays. If you are a non-maintained customer, we will do our best to get out to you as soon as possible.

“I have just used this company on Good Friday because my house alarm was activated. The engineer turned up at my house within 15 minutes of the call and solved the problem quickly and promptly. The engineer was professional and polite. Considering it was Good Friday the call out fee was extremely reasonable and the service excellent! I cannot recommend this company enough. My neighbours are relieved! Thank you.” – Mr B, WR9.

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