Break in and theft patterns to be aware of

Your local news might not be the most exciting bulletin, and sometimes the local papers really scrape the bottom of the barrel for a newsworthy story, but there is something very valuable in these local news items that can help you sharpen up your home security. Reports of break-ins and thefts are a regular feature of local newspapers, and very often a court round up is also included. These articles provide a source of information about the crime rates and trends in your area.

For example, you might hear something on local radio about a spate of motorbike thefts, and this tells you that if you have a motorcycle it is worth locking it away out of sight so it is not targeted as the next one to be stolen. Similarly, a piece in the local paper about lawnmower thefts should inform you to keep yours locked away and not to leave it unattended while you’re mowing the lawn, as people have had their lawnmowers stolen mid-cut when they have gone inside for a cold drink. Local TV news can also inform you of theft trends, and also of which areas are currently experiencing a rise in crime. That’s not great if you live in an area currently in the grip of a crime wave, but at least you can be suitably prepared and ensure that intruder alarms and domestic CCTV equipment is recording at all times in case you catch some footage that can be used as evidence.

It is a good idea to join a local news or community Facebook page, as these often publish and share information about crimes and scams that people need to be aware of which might not make it to the news bulletins. Keeping a good relationship with your neighbours and local shopkeepers also ensures you are kept in the loop about crimes that are targeting specific items or a spate of fraudulent notes being passed. You can also pick up useful information at your local pub, so if you ever needed an excuse to pop out for a pint on a Tuesday night, you can say it’s for security information sharing!

While local news and community grapevines are great for spreading information about local crime trends these often appear first in another part of the country, inspiring copycat criminals to commit the same acts in your area. It is worth keeping abreast of crime patterns across the country, as this can alert you to a potential threat before it develops.

These crime waves often don’t last for long before they move on to the next thing. Violent crimes do seem to have a longer lasting timeframe, but that is not something we can protect you against. In terms of geographic area a crime spree will not spread very far, as gang territories might affect the operation of criminals and prevent them from spreading into other areas. It is also worth paying attention to the types of property being targeted and how these are located. A spate of thefts at high end, secluded mansions is hardly going to translate into the same people targeting terraced houses as they are after a certain value of item to steal and the seclusion to get away with it unnoticed. This shouldn’t affect people in built up areas who have little or no obvious wealth on display.

If you don’t have an intruder alarm or a domestic CCTV system it is worth getting one supplied and installed by an NSI Gold standard supplier like ourselves. It is better to be prepared and well equipped than to take a chance and end up being the victim of crime just because your house looked like an easy target.