What Is The Best Intruder Alarm System?

What makes an alarm system the best one is not just the price, the manufacturer or whether it uses the latest technology. There is a lot more that goes into an alarm system and in fact there is no single alarm system that can rightfully be called “The Best” because each system and each family home or business is different. That means there are many factors that determine the integrity of a burglar alarm system and which one is the best is a personal matter; it must be the best for you and your needs.

Firstly you need to ensure that the supplier is the right one for you and we believe that using a local supplier like us is the way to go. You’ll get a faster, superior service to a large, faceless national company and if there is a fault with the system or something breaks we’ll be with you the same day with just one phone call, rather than you having to wait in a call centre queue for the problem to be sorted out. A local, family run business like us will provide personal, same day services and our local knowledge means we have great insight to the particular risks and crime trends in the area.

We are NSI Gold Standard certified and we also have stringent in-house procedures and reviews which ensure we are performing at the highest standard for all our customers. All our staff are fully referenced and background checked, to guarantee the highest moral and ethical standards and we have a culture of over-delivering which means we’re always striving to be better, even when we’re already at the top of our game.

Every home has a different layout – even in new builds where the floor plan might be the same across dozens of houses everyone makes use of this space differently, meaning each home needs its own survey and visual inspection, to ensure that sensors are located in the right places, and that pets won’t trigger the alarm in error. The lifestyle of you and your family also affects the choice of system – families where someone works night shifts won’t want an alarm system that is set to go off if movement is detected downstairs at night, while older people living alone may prefer that level of security, to ensure they are safe overnight.

Outbuildings and garages can also be wired in to an alarm system, but whether this is right for you depends on how you use them and whether they’re a target for thieves. If you only keep hand tools for gardening in your shed you probably don’t need to worry about alarming it, but if you have an expensive ride on mower and workshop equipment in an outbuilding then it’s worth protecting. These factors can make all the difference between the choices of systems.

If you are away from home a lot then a monitored system is ideal for you, as there will always be someone paying attention to your home and the alarm system. If you’re at home a lot, or there’s always one person in then a monitored alarm is less of a concern, as the house isn’t left vacant for long periods of time without anyone being responsible for security.

In addition to these considerations the requirements of the homeowner also need to be considered. People who have hearing problems may require a visual alarm signal, such as a flashing light if they won’t hear the alarm sound, while people who use wheelchairs will need sensors and control panels set at a height they can easily access. Those with mobility problems will need a system which can be customised to allow more time to leave the property once the alarm is set, while those with limited mental capacity may require a special monitored service to ensure their safety.

So, you can see that deciding which burglar alarm system is “The Best” isn’t a simple matter, but one which takes into account many factors which won’t even cross your mind until you start getting into the nitty gritty. That’s why us, as NSI certified security experts are in a great position to advise and design the best alarm system for you.