Benefits of a Wireless Security System

If you’re thinking about either investing in a security system, updating your existing security system or wanting to cover an extension to your property, you should consider a wireless security system.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing to have a wireless security system in your property:

Faster and less intrusive installation

The actual installation of a wireless security system is much more beneficial than a hard-wired security system.

As the security system doesn’t use wires, this means the installation is much more quicker in getting your property protected. It is also a less intrusive process as there is no need to take up carpets or floorboards within your property, meaning it’ll be a mess free installation.

Perfect for old or designer properties

If you have an old, period, timber-framed or designer property, the perfect security system for you would be a wireless security system as a hard-wired security system is nearly impossible.

Protects out-buildings

Unlike a hard-wired system, a wireless security system can also be used in out-buildings, giving you extra peace of mind. These include your shed or garage where you may keep many valuables of yours such as cars, bikes or tools.
Doesn’t interfere with neighbours systems

A concern with a wireless system seems to be whether the system will interfere with a neighbours system.

However there is no need to be concerned, as it is very unlikely to be the case as wireless systems run on a narrow band frequency. This means it wouldn’t be the case even if your neighbour had the exact same system as you.

Can be integrated with a hard-wired system

If your existing security system is a hard-wired security system, and you decide to build an extension on your property or plan to upgrade your system, we can create a hybrid system with a wireless system. This involves integrating a wireless system into your existing hard-wired system.

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