Been burgled? Here’s why you should install an alarm now

If you have been burgled you’ll know that the aftermath is wide ranging and affects you in many ways.  There’s the insurance claim, the replacement of vital items before any compensation comes through, the practicalities of tidying up and dealing with the emotional element that comes with having your privacy invaded.  There’s also the matter of shoring up your home security and that’s often the last thing on your mind.

It’s tempting to leave the home security issue until last; after all if you’ve been burgled then what else is there to steal?  That makes partial sense, but if your home was an easy target then it’s likely to be targeted again, especially when thieves know that you’ll replace what they stole the first time, ready for them to take again.  Burglars do go back to the same homes, in fact once you have been burgled there’s a 28% chance of being burgled again, often quite soon after the first instance, according to research carried out by Churchill Insurance.

The advantage for burglars targeting the same homes is that they know the best entry points, they already know when you’re out and they know where all the valuables are.  Some repeat burglaries occur when there was not enough time or resource to steal everything they wanted the first time, so they’ll revisit within a few days to take the other things they want.  Despite this, 92% of burglary victims did not upgrade their alarm system after the crime, and the average amount spent on new security measures was just £314, considerably less than the value of the items stolen, not to mention the value of your own time spent dealing with insurance claims and other practicalities.

If you didn’t have an alarm when you were burgled, the first thing to do should be to get one installed.  If you did have an alarm, but did not use it then you need to work out a procedure to ensure the alarm is set every time the house is left empty.  If you had, and used an alarm when the burglary occurred then upgrading it is a must.  We can take on the maintenance and upgrading of alarms we didn’t install, and we’re experts at all aspects of security so we can make a positive difference to the security of your home.  We will advise on the best ways to upgrade your home security, taking into account the details of the burglary to ensure that the entry point used is no longer vulnerable, and ensuring that other weak points around the home are secured.

There are many other measures you can take to protect your home, but the single biggest vulnerability is a house left obviously empty.  If you have two cars, leave one on the drive when you are out and if that’s not an option perhaps you can ask a neighbour to park a car on your drive.  If you don’t have a drive, leave a radio or television on in the house while you are out, and use lights on timers to make the house appear occupied when it is dark.  If the building seems occupied burglars will seek out another target, and a home which may be empty, but which has an obviously active alarm system or some form of recording equipment covering the perimeter is not a good target either.

We hope you never become the victim of a burglary, but if you are unfortunate take the incident as a learning experience and get a top of the line burglar alarm installed by us, an NSI Gold Standard supplier.  We can also advise on other products to make your home as safe as houses.