An Easier Life With Access Control

We know we can expect delays on imported goods after Brexit, as issues at ports have already caused shortages of car parts and other essential items.  The just-in-time delivery method that all businesses base their orders on requires a seamless flow of goods across borders; without that businesses are going to struggle to get deliveries on their normal schedule.

Working around these issues may mean that staff shifts need to change – if deliveries that normally arrived during the working day are going to arrive at different times then someone needs to be on site to receive the goods and put them away.  Especially for the food industry, as temperature control is vital, this may be quite a big challenge.

Finding staff willing to change their shift patterns is just half the battle – with people on site at varying times of the day keeping on top of who is in at what times could be difficult, but access control systems keep a record of who has accessed the premises and when, and also which areas of the building they are in.  As a business owner you can remotely access these records to check that all is running smoothly and as agreed.

If you have regular suppliers with whom you have a solid business relationship you could consider giving an access key fob to the delivery drivers so they can access your business premises and unload goods to a pre-agreed area, and then lock the premises safely after they leave.  This would make changes to delivery schedules much easier to manage and mean you don’t have to get a staff member to come in specially to receive the delivery at unsociable hours.  Access control systems allow you to set restrictions on which areas of the business can be accessed with a particular fob, meaning you could allow the delivery driver access to the stockroom area only but not to anywhere else on the premises.

Another benefit of access control systems is that should there be a theft, or stock going missing without a clear explanation, you can easily narrow down the list of suspects to who was in the building at the time of the incident.  Should you also have a CCTV system installed, if combine the CCTV footage with the access control information, you will be able to easily identify the culprit and the evidence you have is irrefutable.

If you experience staffing issues, or you need to make redundancies in the future, an access control system removes the issue of ex-employees potentially having keys and codes that allow them access to your premises.  Most people aren’t vindictive and won’t steal from you after they leave, but there is always a minority of people who may decide to enact some sort of revenge.  If they have keys for your business then it’s hard to prove that they entered the building unlawfully, and even if they return keys there is no guarantee that they haven’t cut another set.  Access control fobs can be disabled centrally, so at the press of a button any particular key fob can be turned off and can’t be used to access your business premises.

If your business looks like it will experience delivery problems after Brexit then an access control system can solve some of these snags.  There are many benefits to access control systems, so it’s worth looking into how they could solve some of the other challenges faced by businesses in these uncertain times.