Which Access Control System Is Right For Your Business?

The type of access control system that’s best for your business depends on your requirements, whether or not you need to restrict certain parts of your building, or whether you need an access log.

We primarily install three types of access control system: electronic code pads, PC based access control, and biometric access control.

Electronic Code Pads

If you want a basic system that will stop cold callers and customers just walking into your building, but need to allow staff access, then a simple intercom with code lock is more than sufficient.

This is a simple way of securing your offices as your staff can come and go as they know the code, while anyone else will have to be let into your building by a member of staff.

These are easy to use, secure systems which are often used on smaller properties where there aren’t hundreds of users, and there are no restricted areas.

 PC Based System

A PC based system access control system offers more functionality, customisation, and allows you to restrict certain areas to selected employees.

These systems can be used in larger buildings where there are multiple doors that need controlling, and you want more from your access control system. Members of staff will often access doors using either a pin code or entry tags.

There are a number of ways you can customise a PC based system to your needs, such as:
• Intruder alarm integration – allows you to nominate people to unset and set the intruder alarm
• SMS / email messaging – the system can send you a message by SMS or email when a certain trigger occurs. For example, you could have an SMS sent to you if a door is forced.
• IP camera – this allows you to see who is at the door before you let them in
• Control of lighting and heating – the system can turn the lights and / or heating on when you arrive in the morning, and turn them off when the alarm is set in the evening.

A PC based system is also ideal if you need a log of times of entry and exit, or which areas members of staff have been into.

Biometric Access Control Systems

Biometric systems are becoming more and more popular because they are more convenient than other systems and have many advantages. For example: You don’t have to issue entry tags which can also be easily forgotten, unauthorised people can’t gain access, adding and removing people from your systems is easy and free!

They use fingerprint recognition to allow staff members in and out of secure areas. This is one of the most secure methods of controlling access to a building, as everyone has unique fingerprints. Iris recognition or facial recognition can also be used.

If you are considering installing an access control system in your property, we are more than happy to talk to you about which system would suit your requirements best. Fill in our contact form, or call us onto find out more about access control systems.

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