Access control solutions for business premises

Many businesses have multiple buildings on a single site, or departments with differing levels of security clearance, like hospitals and secure housing units within the same building.  Companies operating in the security or intelligence industries have a requirement to control who has access to certain rooms and areas, and educational establishments also have a need to protect offices and archives, where sensitive records are kept.  Police stations need to control who is able to gain access to the evidence and interrogation rooms and courts have the same requirements.  There are many businesses that routinely need to control the access privileges of their employees, and they also commonly use CCTV as an extra level of protection and to double check that people are not trying to force access to secure areas.


An access control system can be installed as part of a wider security system, which incorporates heating and lighting activation, or as a standalone system independent of existing CCTV or alarm systems.  We have worked with small businesses who have several staff members accessing premises at different times and large multinational companies with several locations across the country and everything in between.  Our access control systems can cover several locations or just one, which demonstrates the flexibility of access control solutions to adapt to any business, from one door and a handful of staff to hundreds of doors and thousands of employees.  The system is scalable so additional users and premises can be added to the system, with no need for a separate system to be created.


Our access control solution is PC based and can be configured to alert a nominated person via email or text message, if the system has been breached or there has been an attempt to break in.  Cameras can be set at external access points, to provide security at every potential entry point and this system can also be used by staff to see who is trying to gain access before permission is granted.  Some businesses require access to be granted to visitors without compromising the integrity of the perimeter; the Paxton Access Control system we use allows reception staff to check who is visiting, before the door is opened.  This is especially important for hospitals, police stations, secure units and companies who are at a high risk of theft or other nefarious activity, such as financial institutions or buildings where high profile figures are present.


Access control solutions commonly use electronic card readers that scan a chip in an identity or access card, or a keypad with a code that is revealed only to the personnel who are cleared for access.  Key fobs can be set to allow certain personnel to activate and deactivate an alarm system, controlling who can enter and leave your premises and ensuring that casual or seasonal staff are not given total access privileges.


We understand that every business is different, which is why we work with your input to design and install an access control system that meets your needs.  This may even provide features that you had not considered, but which could turn out to be vital.  Our experience in this field means we are able to make suggestions for your system that you may not have realised as a possibility.  If access control is a cause for concern in your business call us today on 01905 799949, to discuss how we can help you take charge of who can access your premises, and which parts they can access within a building.