Winter Home Security Tips

Winter home security tips to help you protect your home as the nights get earlier.

Smart Water

Manage your winter home security and get in touch with your insurers to see if they offer Smart Water for free on your household insurance policy. Smart Water is an ant-criminal system which you paint onto your valuables such as electronic devices. At P&R Alarms Ltd, we recently changed insurers and were sent a free pack, so it’s worth finding out if your insurers will do the same.

Fix The Lock

Remember the dodgy lock on your garden gate you’ve put off fixing? Now is a good time to get it fixed to help keep your garden and the back of your house secure.


Don’t make getting into your home easy for intruders. If you any ladders lying around, make sure they’re securely chained up or padlocked and hidden away – preferably in a garage or shed.


It is often reported that intruders enter homes through windows. By planting prickly shrubs around your windows, this can really help with your winter home security, as it discourages intruders as it makes it harder for them to access your home through the window.


Don’t temp intruders into your home by leaving your valuables on show. Even if you live up a quiet road, you never know who might be walking past or looking through window.

Flood lights

Check if your flood lights work. If your flood lights don’t work, replace the bulbs and get them fixed before the rain, snow and freezing temperatures arrive and put you off fixing them.

Garden tools

Like ladders, do not leave any garden tools around as it only makes an intruder’s job easier. An opportunist intruder could force your back door with something as simple as a space. Make your garden tools are safely locked away in a garage or shed. Like ladders, don’t leave garden tools around and make it easy for a burglar. An opportunist intruder could force your back door with something as simple as a spade. So make sure any garden tools are safely locked away in a shed or garage. Learn how to secure your shed (or garage).


Don’t leave your keys by windows or doors – keep them somewhere safe and out of sight. We repeatedly get calls from people whose car keys or house keys have been fished through the letter box or window.

Light timers

With the clocks going back an hour, we can expect much darker evenings. If won’t be arrive home until it’s dark, think about investing in a light timer. This affordable system creates the illusion that you are home as it automatically turns on lights and lamps at a set time, giving intruders an indication you’re home.

Security Systems

Last but by no means least, if you haven’t already got a security system (or are unhappy with your existing one) give P&R Alarms a call for a free no obligation quote for a NACOSS Gold approved security system.

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